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Question HELP Overload Too many FRY—ADDING 2nd Tank

HELP Overload Too many FRY—In our current 55 gallon freshwater tank that we have had now for about a year.
Tonight we will be starting the process of getting our second tank set up

Just purchased a Aqueon 36 Gallon Bow Front Aquarium Ensemble (will be mainly for overload from our 55 gallon tank of molly, and platy fry with a few corys for now) along with a Marineland Bio-Wheel Filter Penquin 200 (rated for up to 50 gallon aquariums) and a Penn-Plax ‘Undertow Underground Filter’ (for it to fit we had to get one that’s for a 29gallon tank)

We put the new filter cartridge into the extra slot of our Marineland Bio-Wheel Filter Penquin 350 that we are currently running in our 55 gallon tank and then we will stick it into the Penquin 200 after we fill up the new 36 bow front tank.
I hope was the right thing to do.

Should we put part of the water from our 55 gallon into the new setup?
Wondering how much of and what kind of aeration we need as well!

Need some ADVICE on the best way in setting it up in order to add the Molly and Platy FRY to it as soon as possible— along with a few corys and how soon can I start adding them to the new tank

NEED to know any other tips to get these fry in there ASAP

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Ive always been told at least 20% water from old tank, no filter to start and about 6 inches of water for fry. Also feeding you can use sinking pellets if you turn them into mush and add that into the water. Hope that helps!
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Yes the filter trick will help and will speed up your cycle a little. Also try moving over some gravel/sand. To speed up the cycle use one of those bacteria in a bottle products. Be careful, only some of them work (seachem stability, Dr. Tim's one and only, and Tetra safe start). I wouldn't move any dirty water, it barely contains any useful bacteria and just adds a bunch of bad stuff.

Just a note, be careful with your filter. I'm not sure about the model you have, but many filters will suck up and kill fry. You might have to muffle it. I think you should have enough aeration from the filters, but if you decide to get an airpump I would jsut get one rated for the tank size and hook it up to an airstone or bubble wand.
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There is no value in moving (polluted) tank water into the new setup. You do want to use filter media or substrate from the existing tank as a bio-seed. Assuming you condition the water properly you could move the fry as soon as the temperature is stable. I think I might use drip acclimation just to be conservatively safe.
Keep us posted.

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