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All good ideas from previous posters, I only have one comment on the granite/cement/stone issue.

While as Mikaila pointed out the crack may well be due to something other that the stand, to ensure the tank is on an even base there must be something that will allow for minor unevenness in the tank frame or stand. On my metal stands I have a double strip of styrofoam (I think that's the name) between the stand and the tank frame. My other tanks sit on wood, the 70g on a 3/4 inch sheet of plywood. Wood will allow the tank to settle into it with the weight and should (so I've been told) work like the styrofoam to "fill" any slight gaps between tank frame and stand.

If the tank is to set on stone (which obviously is not going to "give" at all should there be a miniscule gap somewhere between the tank frame and the stone) I would either have a thin sheet of plywood of a layer of styrofoam under all of the tank frame. The plywood is probably the easiest; it is not that simple to stuff a strip of foam under a tank frame evenly.


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Thanks for all the comments guys. I found out that glasscages does not use tempered glass on the bottom of their tanks, their reason for that they said is: "We have to be able to drill and customize tanks."

Do you really think having tempered glass on the bottom would make it a lot stronger ??

And another question is, glass cages did tell me to put some styrofoam underneath the tank, how thick do you think the styrofoam should be?
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Well that makes me seriously rethink everything anyone has told me about How can they make such large tanks without tempered glass!? Your glass would have to be really thick on that 180. They are correct that you can not cut or drill tempered glass. That does not mean you can not customize it. All cutting and drilling just has to be done before the glass is tempered. Generally on most tanks only the bottom pane is tempered. The surface of tempered glass is free of all imperfections which makes it extremely hard for cracks or faults to be in the glass. The surface is actually under a tension because of this. That is why the whole pain fails when a crack or cut is made. The edges of tempered glass are very week, a slight wack on the edge can cause the whole pane to fail. This is why it is not normally used on the side panes of a aquarium that have exposed edges.

Any 55gal made somewhat recently will do this if you try to drill the bottom.

This video does a strength test between regular and tempered glass and reexplains why tempered is so much stronger.

So if I was in your position I would only use that tank if your repair of the bottom pane uses tempered glass. Tempered glass is not cheap, especially custom, your best bet is to ask at local glass shops who may be able to make one for you. Google shows a lot of people complain about their tanks cracking and apparently crappy seal jobs.

For those interested. Next time you are at petsmart look in the larger tanks, usually their is a hidden sicker under the bottom trim visible only when the tank is totally empty, looking down in to it. Says "Tempered glass".

.... I'm probably drunk.

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