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You should also fast them for a day or two before leaving, that way they won't immediately make a mess of the travel water.
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what kind of fish are you moving?
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Thanks for all the help. Being a college student on the last weeks, i pretty much have no extra money left, so buying a $75 adapter's out of the question. Im just worried about the heat. Do you think a cooler or a styrofoam cooler is better at insulation? Im driving around april, and april temp only go to about 60-70F, not that it matters in a car. Its still too low for my fish anyways

Im also worried about the air. Im thinnking of just plugging a tube in there and blowing into it from time to time. There's a poor man's way of doing everything. If you got a cheap better idea than i'd like to hear it

Oh and im transporting 4 gourmis (Small), 7 platies, 4 cories, and about a dozen shrimp.
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Well, the gourami you won't have to worry about, as they breath air anyway. Cories will do fine in low oxygen water as well as they can breath the air if they need to.

To be honest, I wouldn't worry about air too much in the car. If your power went out in your house or something, that would make me nervous, but in a car you hit enough bumps, and there's enough vibrations that you should have plenty of surface agitation.

As for the heat, why don't you just keep it around 72-75 degrees in your car. The fish will be fine in those temperatures for a few hours, and you won't be boiling either.

Also, don't forget to keep your filter media wet during the ride. And I wouldn't recommend putting the gravel into the same container as your fish, it will make the water very murky and stir up all sorts of trouble. Just keep the gravel moist in a standard 5 gallon bucket.
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thanks alot, that's very good advice.
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i never really thought about how going over bumps and stuff would airate the water a bit..... good thinking okiemavis!
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If you start to get worried about the oxygen in the water, when you make a spot, grab a handful of water and drop it back in the tank. This is artificial airation that can be used also when the power goes out in the house. I have a new book that I'm reading that has great tips and ideas. I think you'll be fine in the cooler without the heater also. If the temp change is gradual, it probably won't even get as low as you think. Put the cooler in the sun and if your really worried, put a dark towel or blanket or even a sweatshirt over the cooler. The dark color will absorb the sun and keep them warmer.

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