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Help with moving.

Hi everyone. I got a problem that I'm sure everybody will have to face with later on in life. I got a 55 gal tank at college and I hae to go home for the summer. It's gonna be a 3 hr drive from here to there, and I just wanna know if anyone out there got any tips to make this thing easier for me and my fish. So far i decided on placing all my fish, decor into a large cooler and fill it with as much of the gravel and water as my girlfriend and I can carry. the rest of the water is drained and i transport the whole thing home.

However, Im worried about the water temp in the way. Is there some kind of car outlet adapter that i can plug my heater in? What do you guys think. So far the only thing i can think of is heat the whole car while driving, and i dont wanna do that in the middle of spring for 3 hrs
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I know some companies make heat-packs that a lot of people use to transport fish/corals. Most people who ship fish use them. My LFS carries 8hr and 4hr heat packs, so you should be good on heat. It would also help to wrap the fish in black towels all over to keep heat in and prevent as little movement as possible.
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Why heat packs? Won't you be leaving school in May/June? I would worry more about over heating in that time period. If you move them in 5g buckets of tank water in a van, I wouldn't see any problems. I have driven 6-8 hours with fish in bags placed in styros in February in my car with no problems.
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Well, it is cold a lot here. And he may live in Alaska.
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i am not sure on the heater, i am wondering if you have an air pump to go in there for the fish?

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As long as the car is kept warm and the fish are well insulated I don't think temperature should be a major problem. If you have an air pump as mitcore suggested, I think that would be more beneficial.

Make sure you plan everything out to the smallest detail to ensure the move is as quick and efficient as possible to minimize stress on the fish.

I've never heard of an adapter you could plug into the car, but I'll have a search and see if I can find anything.

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I guess someone shiould ask..... What kind of fish are you transporting and how many?
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Originally Posted by Amphitrite
I've never heard of an adapter you could plug into the car, but I'll have a search and see if I can find anything.
Yeah, I didn't know anything about them till hubby bought one so I could use my laptop in the car on our way to Detroit (4 hour trip)...they're pretty readily available nowadays, just don't pay Best Buy's overinflated price.

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Well if you are concerned, or its cold.... I used a 2 outlet DC to AC adapter to run a heater and an air stone while I drove from Baltimore back to Pittsburgh. Probably a 5-6 hour drive with our moving truck. You can find the DC to AC adapters at walmart or radioshack.

Here's one I found at bestbuy:
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I have also seen emergency battery operated pumps online before. Here are 2 links.

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