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just get vallisneria and echinodorus bleheri if u wanna have angels. Easy, pretty and hardy plants from the amazone.

I dont understand why people keep saying that angels are aggressive and territorial. Only when a couple is abt to spawn or right after spawning they will shoo other fish away. The other fish usually dont insist to come near the eggs. I have no problem whatsover with aggression in my big angel tank.

Careful with small tetra's cos adult angels think they're yummy. A 135 gallon with 10 angels is beautiful just like that. U can add an L-number from the amazone as well.
good luck

Matilda & Philippe & Limu the Lab

47 gallon (180 litre) colisa tank
106 gallon (400 litre) Gourami tank
317 gallon (1200 litre) angelfish tank
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Like TOPHAT said....careful with loaches. in my experience, the only kind that minds its own business is the kubotai or polka dot loach

Matilda & Philippe & Limu the Lab

47 gallon (180 litre) colisa tank
106 gallon (400 litre) Gourami tank
317 gallon (1200 litre) angelfish tank
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Whow, look at all the options! This gives me a lot to look at! Thank you all! I will post pictures later.
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Hope the tank turns out good! Just remember to try some easier fish first before getting the more challenging fish like festivums. They go well with angelfish but need clean water. For the lights, you could always go to Home Depot and see what they have. You want around 250 watts of light if you want to keep a large variety of plants. In the background, I would put Echinodurus (swordplants) and Vallisneria. In the mid ground, I would put many pieces of driftwood and rocks. Just remember that some rocks harden the water, and angelfish like the water soft. As for plants in the mid ground, I would put Bolbitis and mosses on the wood and rocks. For the space that isn't occupied by rocks or wood, put in larger cryptocorynes and anubias. Special and unique plants also go in the mid-ground. What you keep in the for-ground depends on the light. To play it safe, I would put some lower growing cryptocorynes. If you want crypts to grow low, you'll have to plant them with enough space to themselves. As for slate, you could put some pieces on the sides of the tank. If you plant a lot of plants at first, cycling the tank is much easier. Just let the snails multiply and they cycle the tank for you. And when you put in the cichlids, they eat the snails.

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my opinion on the matter is that with many of these large groups of small fish option is you don't get to see the fishes personalities. I would go with an oscar or Jack dempsey and a black ghost knife. These are al lovely fish who are a kick to watch. Additionally they will cost you much less than hundreds of small fish.
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