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Originally Posted by jimmyFalcon View Post
The other red rock is called lacy agates, will this also raise the ph levels?
Easy to find out. Test your tapwater. Fill a bucket and put in the rock. Wait a day or so and test the bucket.

Generally rocks tend to increase water hardness, This raises pH, which you don't really want to do.
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the red rocks have been in water for about two weeks, i tested the ph levels and they are at 7.4. So they did not raise the ph levels. I do think the hardness of the water did go up. for now im gonna skip the rocks and just Add the eco complete bag and buy a couple of small plants and one hardy fish to begin the cycle.

I have a small bottle of api start and api stress coat. set my temp at 74 deg, float the bag of fish and let it sit for about 15 min then add water from the tank to the bag then slowly let the fish into the tank.

from today should i do daily water changes or weekly? 20% every other day? how often should i test my water with the master test water kit?
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When I cycle, I test my water every other day until I have an idea of how fast the ammonia builds up. Then I let the ammonia level determine my water change interval. I never let my ammonia get over 0.25ppm when fish-in cycling. When it does, I do 50% change.

When it's cycled, a 50% weekly change is typical with most keepers to remove dissolved waste and to replace minerals.
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Well finally got around to setting up the tank. Im just waiting for the heater to warm up the water, I picked up 3 medium size tetras from a local fish store for the tank. I asked the store clerk who helped me and my son pick out the fish, how often should i do water changes, she replied with 25% once a month.

Once the tank gets settled in ill add plants and some decoration pieces.

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In a large, lightly-stocked, planted tank, 25% a month may be justified by lazy keepers. But, I stand by my advice. A 50% weekly water change is better for your livestock as well as your plants.
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i water change every sunday. i prepare the water the night before.
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There are some good reason for preparing water the night before, mostly having to do with pH matching. Just be sure to add conditioner to your refill water just before pouring it in. Conditioning the water the night before negates the benefits.
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the first day i set up the tank i just ran it fish less while the heater did its job, it took a whole day to configuring the heater to the correct temp. I added api stress coat plus and quick start aslo. The next day I slowly introduced the fish into the tank. its been 3 days, today i tested the water. results were ph 7.6 high range ph 8.2 no amonia, no nitrate or nitrites. ph seems a little on the high side, will it go down on it self or should i introduce ph down??

how often should i feed the fish??? ther are some type of tetras.

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Don't mess with pH. It is what it is. Your fish will be fine with it.

With pH chemicals you'll be constantly chasing the pH. Those swings are much worse than just a little high pH.

Live plants, sphagnum moss, IAL will drop your pH naturally, but usualyy not much, depending on water hardness.
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Hello, just wanted to say how great it is that your researching first and asking questions. I love it when people do it the right way instead of rushing into it and killing fish. I know fish die all the time but...
I agree with hallyx about your ph- leave it alone. Mine is over 8.0 and I keep a variety of species successfully. Fish can adapt to ph if it is stable, if you try to "fix" ph you're likely to have an unstable system that requires constant dosing and monitoring.
But just to put it out there... leaves and wood tend to lower ph, rocks and sand tend to raise ph. Indian almond leaves are commonly used to lower ph In betta tanks.
That being said, I'll repeat the earlier advice...leave ph alone.
Only time i would recommend trying to alter ph is if you fail to establish a stable nitrogen cycle because of acid conditions, which you do not have.

Question: have you measured any nitrate in your tank ever? Your cycle is not complete till your producing nitrate.
Best wishes for a beautiful and healthy aquarium!
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