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Help! I think I poisioned my fish!

When I opened the top of my 20 gallon tank to feed my fish today, I saw BUBBLES at the top. Either myself or one of my family members didn't rinse the soap off their hands very well before sticking them into the tank (as we just got new decorations and have rearranged them a few times, or when I cleaned the top and rim of the tank yesterday, somehow got windex in the water, maybe dripped or something. I never spray the glass, just the cloth and have never had a problem before even though I clean it often. I quickly did a 50% water change (I would never do this normally, only 10-15%, but it was an emergency and I just had to do something) after skimming a bunch of the bubbles off the top, added nitrate/nitrite remover, and water conditioner, then tested the water (as if the strips can actually tell me if soap or cleaner is in there, but, again, I was freaking out). It must have been a small amount of whatever it is or else my fish would've been dead when I woke up this morning but as everyone knows, soap and stuff like it, a little goes a long way. All of the fish seem ok though one of my apple snails looks very sick. I don't know what to do. I don't have a hospital tank to put them in. Ihave gouramis, mollies, platys, a dojo loach, my darling pleco, apple snails, danios, and dwarf frogs. The tank is triple filtrated but are the filters even going to help considering the poison? I doubt it. Any advice? There are a lot less bubbles at the top now but still are there some. Oh and yes, the new decs were rinsed thoroghly before placing them in the tank.
PH, GH, KH, all normal
Nitrates and nitrites negative
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Sorry to hear of your trouble.
I would not be afraid of 50% or even 75% water changes. On some of my tanks, I change out 50% weekly.
All still seems fine but the snail? What is the snail doing that makes you believe it is ill?
If you think there is still some soap in the tank, go ahead and do another 50% water change. Caution the family to be careful around the tank.
Good luck, hopefully nothing will come of it.
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Sounds to me like you just caught this one on time. I may take a good look at the tank/ behavior and if need be do another 50% w/c tonight again.

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The snail was trying to hang on to the side of the tank but looked all twisted and halfway hanging on. He's ok though, I think. Very lethargic now but with apple snails, it happens sometimes. I will do another 50% water change. Thank you!
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Do you have an airstone in your aquarium? I have one and a power filter and my water level's low for more aeration, so I have extra bubbles. Do you have filters that pour from the top? It's a good idea to do the water changes anyway. Better safe than sorry.

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How many bubbles are we talking about? Are you sure it wasn't a gourami bubble nest?

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