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Help! High ammonia levels.

This is a discussion on Help! High ammonia levels. within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> I would agree with stopping with the ammolock and using conditioner PRIME and nothing else,(work's for thousand's of folk's) with water changes perhap's 60 ...

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Help! High ammonia levels.
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I would agree with stopping with the ammolock and using conditioner PRIME and nothing else,(work's for thousand's of folk's) with water changes perhap's 60 to 70 % daily until ammonia and Nitrites read zero all day,every day.
Tank may well have been running for six week's but when were fish added? and how many were added at once?
It sound's to me like sudden increase in bioload(fishes) has overwhelmed the biological filter.
While ammolock and zeolite work well,they have their downsides.
Zeolite cannot be used with salt in the water,and it and ammolock,, can render false positive reading's for ammonia even though ammonia is in less toxic form.
Would only use these with ammonia present in tapwater at rate that is toxic to fishes.
Would wonder if anyone has removed/replaced filter material recently.
With such a new tank,,removing or replacing the filter cartridges could deplete considerable bacteria that is found there.Once the tank is more mature,,then the bacteria will be more prevalent on substrate,walls,decor,etc but this is not so in very young tank's.
Filter material in cycling tank's should not get too dirty unless feeding's are too much, or tank is over stocked (doesn't sound like the case here).
If you need to clean the filter material ,clean it by swishing the cartridges,pads,sponges ,etc around in old aquarium water, or dechlorinated water.
When ammonia reaches much higher than 2 ppm,,fishes will begin to flash,dart,gasp at surface,or all of the afore mentioned..
I am suspect of the ammonia reading's which as mentioned can be affected by product's like ammolock,zeolite,,but I have not expierienced false nitrite reading's due to their use.
If nitrites are also elevated,,then they were/are most likely preceeded by elevated ammonia at some point.
Prime and tapwater is all you need,, along with considerable floating plant's like water sprite,pennywort, as other's have suggested.
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Went to lfs yesterday & got prime & also got a ammonia filter for one of my filters that only had carbon in it. Put both in last night so will see what today's readings are. They also said I would get false readings with ammolock & to mainly do water changes to get rid of that but to watch fish for signs of distress. Unable to test today, got called out to work. :(
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