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ah i have a suspicsion of what is going on. my tank cycled throughourly, thats why i got nitrates. the 0.25 i was reading was from when the nitrite spike came down. and also i forgot the nitrates were at 80ppm and today after the water change they were at 40ppm. the ammonia that was still at 4ppm was probably from the decaying shrimp that was in there all the time and leftover pieces of it. so now after the water change my ammonia is gone, because i got all the little shrimp out, nitrates are at 0, and nitrates came down. i can do another water change to get the nitrates down a little more, but how comes the ph level stayed the same. thats the part that mystifies me.
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Tank cycling....

Hey guys..first off.. love this forum, quite a bit of information and great source for the fishkeeping enthusiast.

Ok, here is my question. My wife and I currently have a 16g Biorb round setup (see pic)....our first. We started with keeping fantail goldfish and quite honestly, don't think the Biorb tank has enough filtration for them, plus they will soon outgrow the tank.....which leads me to my next question....

We bought a 56g tank and set it up on Sunday, Jan. 23. Rinsed the gravel thoroughly, filled it with tap water and added 2 gallons of water from the Biorb tank per advice from a "professional" at a local pet store.

First two days the water was crystal clear and we were exited, but then I notice this milky cloudy color that has been static for past 48 hours. The chemistry is perfect, with exception to the water being on the high hard side. The ammonia level is not high either (given the 2 gallons added from old tank which i thought could be the problem).

We are using a Fluval 305 canister filter which I love. It is virtually silent and had some very high reviews.

So, is the milky cloudy color just a normal process in the cycling or should I be concerned about anything? I have attached pictures of my current 16g Biorb and of the new tank which I hope you will be able to see the current water color. All feedback is appreciated, thanks much!!!!

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the cloudy part is ammonia being released. are you trying to cycle the tank? is there ammonia in your tap water? are you using water conditioner?
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thanks for the reply jschristian44.....

yeah, cycling the tank and preparing to xfer the fish from the biorb tank to the new one.

Not sure about ammonia in tap water, we did add water conditioner after filling it in accordance with the ratio listed on the bottle for total gallons of tap water used. I also added Biocycle (Nutrafin product) 10ml on the second day per the instructions on the bottle for "cycling new tank"
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ah if your cycling the tank, this is normal when cycling. as for adding cycle stuff, ive read almost everywhere that you shouldnt waste your time with that stuff, just let nature take its course. also, i recommend you posting your own thread about this. why do people keep asking questions on the threads i create, i dont get it?
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im done with my spawning tank, gonna still check levels every other day though.

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Wow, this second page came about extremely fast! Haha.

I couldn't see the pictures of your results jschristian44, but from reading the post at the top of the page. It does sound like the tank has cycled. I would still test your tank every week for at least a month.

pH will stay the same and should. pH is basically a measure of acidity or alkalinity. It's similar do a climate. If you live in alaska, your live in a frozen tundra climate. If you live in hawaii, you live in a tropical climate. This is similar for fish. But fish can only tolerate a specific pH range. I think you said your pH was 8.2. So you pH is fairly alkaline. Since your planning on doing a bare bottom tank for spawning purposed, stem plants or floating plants would be best. I don't think the swords will do well just floating in there, maybe a little gravel in the corner for one.

Note to FanTail - I can't get back to you until tonight (5 hours or so from now). But I will be sure to then!
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yeah i thought about attaching some of the swords in those little pvc piping i had. im just confused at why my tank cycled so quickly. ive heard it usually takes about a month. but i guess i got lucky i dont know. i want my ph level at 7.0, will the plants help neutrilize it? and my nitrates are at probably like 20 right now so that should be fine. ammonia and nitrite should be zero, but yeah im definately gonna be checking it like every 3 days. but my betta in there right now is really seeming to enjoy himself, he doesn't stop swimming around checking stuff out. he likes the new sponge filter. he likes the frogbit, i see him blowing bubbles in them all the time. he likes squidward, he even performed a show when i was standing in front of the tank it was pretty awesome. he went in squidwars one eye, and out the other. i swear that these fish have the best personalities. he is soooo much more active and happy then the day i brought him home, he was just moping around. im glad hes happy. cant wait to get him breeding next week.
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To FanTail

I understand the need to gather attention - sometimes a thread that has activity is the best way to get some to see you need help. The ratio of people answering questions to those asking is quite low. But the questions FanTail posted are related. This isn't something to do often though as it is not proper forum etiquette.

Alrighty, formalities done. Goldfish are huge waste producers and I think that the 16g is too small for the trio. The large tank will be much better for them. I'm not very familiar with goldfish since they are cold water fish, sorry . Maybe ask around and check out the Fish Profiles. The cloudiness could be from the cycling and probably is. Give the tank a while to do its thing. This can take anywhere from two weeks to a month on average.

I agree with the opinion that the cycling products are not that useful. Nature doesn't need help here. Though I have never used the products, I am sure it does work for those who do not have access to an ammonia source (or prefer this method instead). However, the conditioner is a necessity. It will disable the chlorine found in tap water as well as other potentially harmful elements.

All in all, nothing to worry about. And it sounds like your local pet store has some sound advice. Always best to get a second opinion, and why not here?
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To jschristian44

I considered the pvc as a makeshift pot as well, but I dont think they will be stable enough. Do you have anything else that could be used as a "pot"? It will have to be aquarium or food grade safe.

pH is dependent on your water supply. There are pH adjusters... but I wouldn't recommend those. I have never used them. The closest thing I've done to adjusting pH that is natural is driftwood. Aquarium driftwood only to be safe. The nitrates seem to be at an acceptable level, but check to make sure things are 0. It will take a few months for your tank to be completely established.

I'm glad you and the fish are enjoying the tank so much!
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