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I would certainly rehome the silver dollar and clown loach as stated in the other posts. Children like color and movement. Getting fish that swim in all statsperes of the tank are also ideal. I would get red swordtails, fancy guppies, platies,yo-yo loaches, cories, zebra danios, and one peaceful gourami. I would also stay with all males in the livebearer breeds to avoid a population explosion.

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Originally Posted by Tyyrlym View Post
First off, the loach is not going to work in a 55 gallon. They can get to be a foot in length and like to group with several of their own kind. A 55 is just not going to be big enough to handle them. I'd take him back to a fish store if at all possible.

The silver dollar is another schooling fish. How big is it and what variety? The larger silver dollars are probably too big for the tank. They are also much like angelfish, rather easy going but if it can fit in their mouth's they'll eat it. If you want to plant the tank I'd definitely take it back, otherwise I think real hard about taking it back.
Hmm...when researching the silver dollar, I came across several types but don't know how to ID him. I took a pic of him today to help you guys ID him, but can't find the adapter to connect the camera to the laptop, LOL, so I'll post it later tonight. It's been in the tank for several years and isn't too huge, several inches across, if that helps.

The loach has also been in the tank for over a year and he's maybe 5 inches? I'm not sure. I'm not good at the visually measuring part. I may have a pic of him as well. I'll see. Are they slow growers? Is this guy stunted from poor water quality?

More responses in reply to other posts:

Unfortunately, lots of times they've just topped off the evaporated water and not performed partial water changes. I've found a manual online for the filter (Fluval 304) and I'm going to investigate what media they've been using. I'm not familiar with this filter, so I may be posting for more help in the equipment section soon!

My plan is for ME to learn how to operate the filter and to give the tank a good going over (over the next few weeks, don't want to disrupt too much of the good biobuggies at one time) and then to help them come up with a plan to properly maintain it BEFORE any new fishies get added. The current residents have acclimated, thankfully, so there's no where for them to go but up.

I love the idea of hardy schooling fish that swim in all the levels.

The are several obstacles: no close water supply, who can maintain during the school year and over the summer. The school doesn't close close over the summer. Also to be considered is that the current fishies have been donated by parents and we need to address the rehoming with them diplomatically before making any changes, etc.. Oh yeah, and BUDGET!!!!!

I probably won't pursue the idea of planting the tank at this time. I think it will make it even more beautiful but is too much to handle right now.

Thanks for all the responses so far. I love this site!

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Clown loaches are quick growers up to the 6" mark and then they grow pretty slowly after that. I got mine in September of last year at 1 1/2". They are now 3" in size, so that's a doubling of size in 6 months. Once they become lunkers I will be upgrading them to a much larger tank.
You are definitely doing your research; very nice to see!

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When I first got into aquariums I remember reading that some fish will only grow as large as the environment will let them. Back when I didn't know any better I had a single loach. I know why people say get more than 1 because all he did was hide in my log all day. After 3-4 years he was still only about 5 inches long in my 55 gal tank. It took an Ich epidemic to ceremoniously remove him from my tank.
If you really like a certain type of fish, you can always keep it until it gets too large and then find a new home for it. My FLS said they'd take my pesky Flying Fox if I can ever catch it.
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I'm glad to know the loach won't be outgrowing the tank tomorrow since he's pretty popular, LOL. I'd love to have some in my 29 gal, but I've learned from this whole experience that won't ever work.

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clown loach , giant danio , silver dollar

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