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Help ALGE?

Hi friends,
My tank appears to be going through an odd stage. I had been treating my tank for alage. The alage on the glass has gone, but in return my water is turning to a pea green. I did a 1/2 water change and the water was clear for about 24 hrs. Then the next day it was pitch green water. So i waited and did another 1/2 change and boom the next day GREEN! So i took it a bit further and did a 3/4 water change and withing 20 hrs really dark green water. I have changed my filters, vacumed daily, yet the water becomes green. Also been treating with alage removal chemical. I had plants that died in the tank awhile back but vacumed them out. What is going on here?

BTW 75 gallon freshwater tank
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How often do you feed your fish?

The reason I ask.....algae can feed off of high nitrates. Higher nitrates can come from overfeeding your fish or a lack of water changes, and several other things.

How long do you leave your lights on during the day?

Can you get a parameter readings?
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I feed very little, i leave lights off most of the day. The bad thing is its near a window. It gets alot of real light.
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Originally Posted by fry1goat View Post
I feed very little, i leave lights off most of the day. The bad thing is its near a window. It gets alot of real light.

there's your problem....anyway you can put a shade up or move your tank?
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Lots of light means algae in one form or another. Since you got rid of the real plants and the green spot algae, there are plenty of plant nutrients in the water. The green water algae are using the nutrients for you. That kind of algae is irritating because it makes the fish hard to see but it does the fish no harm which means it is not a crisis but an inconvenience. One of the tried and true methods of controlling green water algae is to feed the algae to some fish food. I know that sounds funny but daphnia thrive on a diet of green water and will clear it out fairly quickly. In the process they will grow bigger and will become fish food for almost all of your fish. Only the algae eaters will leave them alone. A way to treat the symptoms is by using a UV sterilizer. The UV will kill the algae but requires big water changes to remove the dead algae. Dead algae is a threat to fish, it creates high ammonia levels in the tank by decaying quickly.
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Hmm how do i go about getting some daphnia daphnia going in my tank? Are they already there just awaiting food? One other thing i have not had a pleco in my tank for months. Will they actually clean the water or just glass, rocks, ect..?
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Plecos aren't the best for algae control. The algae you have is green water. You water changes are helping it by introducing more nutrients. I would also add daphnia. Just make sure to use a divider.

Everything happens for a reason, but the reason isn't always good.
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