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Help with acclimating

Hi everyone,

I'm new here, first post. I wish I had found this site BEFORE starting on this aquarium. Regardless, I have a 10 gallon. I cycled it without fish, but it took almost 2 months. It didn't really cycle until I added a heater. So I'm at 78 degrees, AquaClear filter, live plants. 0/0 ammonia, nitrites and about 5 nitrates. PH is 7.6. Finally, I was able to add fish. And the drama starts :)

I had my heart set on dwarf frogs. So I got 2 dwarfs and 3 ghost shrimp to start. They were in a week and doing well, so I wanted to add some swimmers. Also, my tank was being taken over by brown algae, and I read an oto might be tricky but would certainly help the algae. I added an oto, and he's doing well so far but it's only been a few days. He has plenty to eat for now.

The first store I went to recommended harlequin rasboras. I thought that would work, so I brought 6 home. Of those 6, only 2 are remaining after 3 days. The two that are left seem fine. They swim normally and eat and don't look stressed.

So now, I have 2 lonely rasboras, 2 frogs, 3 ghost shrimp, 1 oto. I really want to add more rasboras, but I'm scared after the others dying so quickly. I don't think it was my water. I think it was my acclimation process. I didn't change out their water gradually. I just let the temperature equalize and then scooped them in. I read later to change out the water very slowly, especially with a difference in pH. Could acclimation be the problem? Is it possible the pH in my tank is too high for rasboras? I'm using an API master test kit. I tested it with the high pH chemicals, and it didn't really register, so I know I'm not off the scale on pH.

Any thoughts would be helpful. Also, I have a friend that has one lonely white skirt tetra that they can't keep. Would it be a mistake to bring the white skirt in with the rasboras? I know they are both schooling fish, but would they make it work in a community tank?

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to learning from all of you!

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Hey KaiBee!!! Welcome to TFK!
Sorry to hear about your losses :/ Without more information it's really difficult to pinpoint what could possibly have happened, unfortunately. Acclimatization is important, and little by little is the best way to go about it. Here are a couple of videos posted by one of our members, AquaHound, that will show you two of the most common ways of acclimating fish to it's new home. . .

As for your other questions. . . personally, I wouldn't recommend Rasbora for any tank smaller than 15g, and if it were me, I'd check to see if the shop would let you return the remaining fish, rather than adding to their shoal. They tend to be very active fish, and would surely appreciate a bit more room than your 10g has to offer. The same goes for the lonely White Skirt Tetra, I'm afraid. These two fish won't shoal together, and White Skirts tend to be nippy when they don't have a shoal of their own - and (I'm sorry!) a 10g tank isn't big enough for them, either. :/

The bad news out of the way. . . I <3 ADF!!! Lovely little creatures! One of the BEST TANKS I ever had was only 3 Dwarf Frogs and an Apple Snail - and I loved it! I've never kept Oto Cats or shrimp, so will leave it to someone else to advise you on those, if you need it. . .

Congrats on your new tank! I hope this has helped somewhat - feel free to ask additional questions, should you have any, and once again - welcome to TFK!
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