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Help about to give up!!

This is a discussion on Help about to give up!! within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by Macrocosm It is ppm. So if we do a water change in the next couple days on our 46 gallon tank. ...

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Help about to give up!!
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Originally Posted by Macrocosm View Post
It is ppm.

So if we do a water change in the next couple days on our 46 gallon tank. How many gallons should we change if we only use tap water?

For the record our tap water measured from the spout:
GH 180 ppm
KH 120 ppm
pH 7.0
If it were me with tap at 180ppm (= 10 dGH) I would probably dilute it about 1/3, so in the fish tank from scratch, 2/3 tap water conditioned plus 1/3 distilled. Test the GH and KH, but GH should be around 6-7 dGH.

If you have fish in the tank, go slow, less volume over more changes to get to this. Once you're there, weekly partial water changes of 40-50% of the tank can be done with water in about the same proportion. For a relatively small tank (46g) this will be easiest with a tub like one of those plastic garbage pails on wheels. You can mix the water and condition it, then add it to the tank. You'll soon work out the proportions.

The pH will likely lower in time on its own.
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