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IMHO I would not remove anything from the tank with the exception of uneaten food that may collect on the bottom > But this should not be a problem if you feed the fish sparingly. The beneficial bacteria (good kind) Gathers or colonizes on everything in the tank. The gravel, plants real or artificial, decorations,the glass. and most importantly the filter. Do not remove the filter. If it becomes clogged, simply take the cartridge, sponge, pad etc out and swish it around in old aquarium water that you take out during water changes and stick it back in. This will prevent destroying the good bacteria that you are waiting on to develop. Doing otherwise will only prolong the maturing process or cycling. Feed the fish once a day and keep an eye on ammonia levels. And most importantly Have patience. Use the time to research the fish you are planning on keeping. Don't add any fish or cycle this, or stress that, Just dechlorinator at water changes and try and not add new water that is colder or warmer than the tank and you will do fine.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Originally Posted by MBilyeu View Post
Ok, I will do a 50% water change today, as well as scrape the algae. The reason I wasn't concerned before was because I read that it was normal for ammonia to rise to between 2 and 3ppm before nitrites will show up.
Ammonia doesn't have to rise to any preset level before nitrites will show up. When I cycled my tank the ammonia never went much over 0.25ppm and it cycled just fine. Nitrites will show up when you've got bacteria that are processing your ammonia.

The big concern about how high your levels got was the health of your fish. 2 to 3ppm of ammonia is very high and dangerous for your fish. Since you're cycling with fish you'll have to do a lot of water changes to ensure your ammonia levels don't get over 0.25ppm. Don't worry about water changes prolonging your cycle, they won't.

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Well I don't know of anyone I could get filter media from (from an established tank). I was doing ~25% water changes weekly, but now I will pay better attention to ammonia levels and do a larger water change when the ammonia starts to rise again. I will be doing another 50% water change today, and I will post my readings a little later. Thank you to everyone for your helpful advice!
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Ok, so I just did another water change. My readings are now:

Ammonia 0.25
Nitrites 0
Nitrates 0

I will be paying closer attention to the ammonia levels now, and doing more frequent water changes. Does this mean that it could still be another 4-6 weeks before I start seeing nitrates finally?
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It could be, yes. Sometimes, it just takes a reallllly long time for a tank to cycle.

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