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Another thought ,and perhaps someting to consider. Ammonia tests can be screwed up if one is not careful. Letting the solution set longer than directions call for can screw up results,not letting solution set long enough can do same. Not rinsing the vials (does use vials?) can cause results to be inaccurate. Not adding the drops at same amount for each drop or adding too many or not enough will cause test to be inaccurate. Do try the test again for tapwater just to be safe. You say this tank has been set up for a couple months. Have all fish died that were added? are there any fish in the tank now?

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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well the RO system is out, i love my fish but im a full time college student and im paying for it so i cant afford that. Im going to do your first suggestion first"run some tapwater into a bucket and then I believe you said you were using AMQUEL+ for water conditioner? If so, then double the dose you would use for the amount of water in the bucket and after an hour,test the bucket of tapwater for ammonia." I have one of those 5 gallon jugs i can slide an air hose into it and pump it, so ill try that first and see what happens,
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I time the solution from starting after the 4 second required shake, yes it uses a vial, i make sure i count all drops added. yes the tank has been up and running for 2 months, no acctually not all the fish have died, and they are still in it. The ones that are in it seem to be doing ok. Im going to retest the water right now. Also i am afraid to put new fish in it because they may die, but the ones that are still alive i have had for a while now and they seem to have adjusted to it...

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i just filled a 5 gallon water jug with tap water, doubled my dos of amonia detox, put an air line in it to get it moving, and ill test it again in an hour.
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Sigh ammonia levels back all the way up!! they go down for a little bit and then shoot back up. The jug idea didnt work as the levels stayed the same. I dont know what else to do, mabey ill get lucky and the rest of my fish will jsut adapt to it.
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Another option is putting purigen in your filter, it will remove the ammonia, or some pads that remove ammonia. good luck
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What is purigen?
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Considering that the ammonia levels in this tank have been recorded as high as 8ppm and ammonia from tap has been recorded at 2to4ppm for going on four or five days, I have near no faith in the accuracy of the test results. All fish would be dead or at the very least, gasping at surface or literally trying to leap from the aquarium in my opinion.
Considering also ,that tank is reported to be two months old and that the first four to six weeks would be needed for the bacteria (good kind to develop). I would not be surprised that the new addition of fish to a tank where biological bacteria (good kind), was removed, or perhaps not in sufficient numbers, would cause fish loss.This would then make more sense than results of ammonia test. Fish not acclimated to tank properly, could also stress said fish and the sudden change in water chemistry would or could,send them over the edge.Same could happen with use of pH altering chemicals or powders.
If this were my tank, my fish, I would not add any fish for next four weeks and in the meantime, I would want second opinion on results from ammonia tests as well as pH. I would be suspect of any of the results from the test kit at this point and stand by my previous thoughts on this particular situation until proven otherwise. Again, understanding the effects of ammonia poisoning,leaves me suspect.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Ok im going to get a second opinion on it, ill bring another sample to a fish store.
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First off thank you everybody I have finally stabilized my ammonia levels nitrate and nitrite levels. Tank is clear and all my fish look happy. Once again thank you so much for all your help on fixing my problems.
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