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wow!! what a lovley tank,
plants and wood would be good in there,if you don't mind me saying.
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ok, Im back. Sorry for the leave. I been moving! Thats always fun! Anyway while I been gone I bought 3 plants and they been spreading! So thats good. I dont have co2 but I do have really good ferts. I just figured I would buy cheap plants and if they die well then I know right? Well I am happy to see the plants growing and spreading. I also bought a few fish. 2 koi angels,2 blue blushing Angels, 1 peacock eel, & 2 upside down catfish! I am very surprised about reading about each discription of the fish I bought and to my surprise they really have their own personality! For example: It is discribed that a peacock eel loves to hide and comes out at night. Well my eel is out all the time. When I pass by the tank he will turn his head towards me and wait to see if im going to feed him or just look at him. I have him trained to eat out of my hand. The only problem with that though if the food falls from my hand he wont see it because he is so focused on my hand. I really think the reason I got a happy eel is because I yanked him out of a tank full of fish, no plants and just a tube. So I think he thinks my tank is the Marriot hotel lol. I also read that upside down cat fish travel on a group so I got 2 and they really could give to sh*ts about each other. They are still neaat though, I love how they swim. Their so different. My fav are the Angels. They have so much personality! Anyway here are my pics. Hope you enjoy
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glad to hear all is well with the tank and the fish,
look forward to seeing the pictures. :)
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Just to clarfiy on the whole Co2 thing...

When you have very good lighting on your plants, it means that Co2 needs also increase. I haven't completely figured it out yet, but I know this basic concept of it. DIY Co2 is very cheap, and I highly reccomend it to any planted tank owners. That is, if they haven't already got pressurized Co2...
Hope that helps

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Ok here we go... Here is my eel hanging out
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My eel and Angel tring to find shrimp
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Everybody together
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Nice pics, thanks for sharing. I love the eel, what a cutie!

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i like the eel too,unusual for me :)
looking good.
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Originally Posted by 1077 View Post
How long has your tank been running? are there any other fish?
i was thinking the same thing. funny how no one else mentioned it. you have too many fish for a non-established tank. big fish=big waste. you did research but you didn't do the proper research. your tank isn't established by any means. it takes 4-6 weeks or longer for the benefical bacteria to grow to covert the tank's toxic waste from the fish/food. i hate to say it, but your fish are on route for a slow death possibly. you should have looked into a fishless cycle. i recently reset up my 55gal after a 3 year drought. i started it up on 8/31 and its still cycling. I know yours isn't close to cycling, unless you helped it out by using media from an existing tank.

as far a co2. co2 depends on your plants like the first response you got. getting this plant and that plant is the wrong approach. research its profile first. plants have needs just like the fish and if you don't meet them, they too will die off and you waste money in your investment. if you don't do the diy, you can use flourish excel. it is a carbon substitute. there is no better solution than a pressured tank though. but many have success with excel. lighting is part of the big three. lighting, co2, nutirents. Balance them right and you will have less algae/problems. 100w of light on a 50gal could be too low, just right or too much. again, this too depends on your plant choice.

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