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Originally Posted by Emmnemms View Post
the one small petstore we have here, have these amazing little (like 1" )Angelfish i am getting when i obtain a new fish tank. I want one SOOOOO bad!

I wouldn't get the angelfish if I were you. Even though it is only 1" in the store, doesn't mean that it wont outgrow your ten gallon extremely quick. When people here are recommending what fish you could put in the tank, they are looking at what size the fish will grow to, not what size they come from the store. An example would be to go back to the pet store to look at those one inch angelfish that look like they will fit, look in the tank next to it at the 3-4" angelfish that look like they wont. They are the same fish, just a few months older.

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Angelfish are deceptively large fish. In order for them to swim comfortably you need a tall tank, 18" deep at a minimum. They can grow to be up to 6" long and as much as 12" high. The ones you're seeing in the store are juveniles.

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No no no no no i know that, i meant when i get a tank big enough for them! not a 10 gallon. like a 50 Gallon or something. Lol, not any time soon for sure... sorry i wasn't very clear
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-Lemons: Lemon cichlids? Or lemon tetras? A small school (6 or so) lemon tetras would do fine in a 10g.
-Lepornius: Needs a much larger tank.
-Mainganos: Too big for a 10g.
Peacock: Ditto.
Congos: These are pretty big tetras. I would say a 48" tank minimum.
Cardinals: A school of these would be great
Emperors: They get fairly large for a tetra but aren't very active, so a small group might be possible.
Angelfish: Too big for a 10g.
Cherries: Good choice. Get a ratio of 1 male to 2 females. 2 males and 4 females would be even better, as you'd get to see the competitive behavior between the males. The males look fantastic when there are females around to show off to.
Tigers: You'd need a longer tank and a large school of these. I would say no in a 10g.
Ram: You could probably put a breeding pair in there, but nothing else. A single one might be fine with a couple of other small fish.
Apisto: Same as the ram.
Pencil fish: There are pencil fish that would work well in a 10g, but they can be fairly expensive and difficult to find.

How about: 6 harlequin rasboras or similar sized schooling fish like neons, cardinals, black neons or ember flame tetras, 6 pygmy corydoras, and a single betta, dwarf cichlid, or smaller gourami as a centerpiece fish?

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