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Goldfish is going from laying in the corner of the tank most of the time. He sometimes comes up for a swim but I think he is about to give up.
The other tank is still doing fine and shows no sign of infestation in any of the fish.
Two of the barbs have gone at it for domince a couple times today. Both of the catfish are a little more active as they are getting used to there tank mates. The one catfish seems to like to explore the tank more than the other but my first one is finding more places to hang out now. I also have a lemmon chiclid and my platy seems to really like him for some reason. Is this normal?
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My striped Raphael catfish started to swim more last night and have even been seen at the top of the tank. They have been helping the pleco's eat algae off the tank. They both have been out alot and are still out swimming around this morning.
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post #13 of 25 Old 04-18-2012, 05:19 AM Thread Starter
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Well a sad note today. The goldfish lost the battle with ick. Poor guy was really hit buy it.
He though may have saved the rest as the ick seems to have left the other fish alone and I have treated that tank to it.
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Starting to think my problem is far worse than ick. Got all my fish from Walmart and having about the same luck I have been reading about with Walmart fish. Have had problems with ammonia, been changing water fifty percent every day, haven't seen signs of ammonis sickness but can't bring ammonia levels down. The only fish I have that seems unefected is my platy. He is as healthy as the day I got him and he was the first fish I got. My plecos are also unefected. I have lost all my other original fish. Came home from work and both striped catfish were dead. Then two of the tiger barbs but they were moved to the isolation tank to try to stem whatever is getting to them. The chiclid is pacing the tank, but the strangest thing is that the platy seems to be looking after him. I haven't seen him eat and this morning I watched the platy push him out of hiding and led him around the tank, further more I watched the platy spit food out In front of him and tried to get him to eat it. I am wondering if the chiclid wasn't the one who was sick to start with but for some reason from the moment I put him in the tank the platy has looked after him. I put in the recommended dose of start zyme after the last water change, but however if its ammonia then why is the platy unefected as he is the smallest fish in the tank? He was one of the first in there and has shown no signs of stress.
I will continue to do water changes daily in hopes to get it better, I now only have four fish in that tank as all the tiger barbs have been moved. All the barbs have shown signs that there is something wrong with them.
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Well the platy has gotten the chiclid to calm down and he is back to swimming normal and the Patty is following him around the tank. Think that platy was a good investment.
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Ick is gone aquarium salt saved the day. Ammonia levels are coming down to safer range an no deaths to report of. Seems that all going alot better
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Well no more losses. I went out and got another ten gallon to move my chiclid to when its ready. He will have this tank alone with a snail. I had cleaned my five gallon really well and one of my plecos will be there till my platys give birth again. I have had two more plates as I found two females to keep my male some company. They gave birth the second day I had them but the chiclid ate all the new born plates, hence why he will be getting a tank of his own.
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In two or three weeks I should have a base built for my 55 gallon and I plan to plant it with live plants. I will have two chiclids by then which will have this tank. I plan to find an Electric Blue to go with my Electric Yellow. Some time I my add a larger aquarium but that will be many next year.
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I would strongly advise you NOT to do a planted tank with Cichlids, they eat most plants and will constantly uproot them.

You need to decide for the 55g tank which fish you would want to keep, Cichlids should be kept in a species only tank with ONLY synodontis Catfish or BN plecos, no other smaller fish, the cichlids are too aggressive for most and will more than likely eat them.

A 10g tank is way too small for a cichlid, they need at least a 30g+ tank as they are extremely active fish.
Cichlids are also classed as aggressive fish, which is why I would recommend not keeping them with anything other than what I have mentioned.

Have you cycled the tank?

If not have a look at this for how to cycle the tank.

If you need help with stocking suggestions then please do not hesitate to ask.

10g Fry / Hospital / QT tank (as needed)

75g Saltwater Reef, Ocellaris Clownfish, Lyretail Antias (baby), Lemon damsel, Longtail Fairy Wrasse, purple dottyback, snails, crabs and a few LPS corals.

220g Still sitting empty (come on Lottery I need the numbers to come up!)
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The chiclid is now only an inch and half long so a ten gallon is OK for about two months while I get the 55 set up. Since I have four aquariums I do have several types of fish. The platys are about full grown and are about the same size as the chiclid. He is a electric yellow and isn't as aggressive as some of the other chiclids. When I have the 55 gallon set up there will only be a pleco and two chiclids. The plays will be in one ten gallon and the other ten gallon will be for something else. The five gallon will be for the platys to give birth and I will use most of the young for feeder fish for the chiclids. No worries as I have it under control now.
The large tank will cycle for a month maby with a snail in as the only source of ammonia. I do have two snails at the moment.
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