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I don't think the magnetic field from this sort of magnet would be strong enough to bend the bimetallic strip in the thermostat enough to interfere with the functioning of the heater.

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Update: The packaging states that it will work for 'most' heaters so I gave it a shot on mine. Over the weekend I didn't notice any change in temp difference (still at 76). I did notice that the heater was attracted to the magnets when I was installing it though.

Also, the magnets are encased in plastic, so no metal is touching the water (and thus harming the tank).

Overall the magnets are working great and it's kind of nice that I can adjust the heater position without having to open the hood and disturb the fish.

Thanks for your input guys!
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I would recommend if possible to move the magnet away form the elelment if you can. By having the filament disturbed like this, it is possible to burn the element pre-maturily since it's shape has changed from the original manufacturer's install.
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As long as the magnet is not right against the top portion of the heater where the control is, you should be fine.
Magnetism doesn't do anything to water, and the magnets are surely coated with plastic or resin if they are intended for aquarium use.

I had the same problem with suction cups wearing out, and siliconed two of them to a scrap piece of ceramic floor tile. The heater lays right on the bottom, with the tile buried in the substrate.

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