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Heater bust on Xmas day :(

Hi folks, got a dilemma.

As daft things go, i decided to turn my heater up a degree or two the other day to keep fish a little warmer over the cold mornings. Couple of days ago i noticed the thermometer up at 28/29. The heater was set 22/24!
Anyhoo i decided thats a bit too warm so i unplugged it and turned it back down.

Only big problem was i never switched it back on...

Christmas day i realized this as temps were 21, switched it on and the ceramic filament has cracked and spluttered. Glass is intact, but it looks like its burnt out.

Shops will be closed for a day or two, so cant rush out and get another.

I have 2 tanks both 45 gal,
so should i just move the fish to the other tank,

or keep swapping the only working heater from tank to tank every day, and possibly risk damaging that one???

Help please im stuck on thinking whats the safest option

list of fish moving : 2 cherry barbs, 2 rosy barbs, 1 T-Barb, 1 Red/Black Barb, 7 Speckled,Bronze Corys, 4 Khulis, 1 Gibbiceps Plec.
Other tank has: 1 Plec , 3 Blue Loach, 3 Clown loach, 1 Tiger loach, about 12 Khuli's

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Why do things have to break when it's most inconvenient

If it were me, I'd move them to the tank with the working heaters but only if the fish are compatible and won't kill each other. Also depending on your stocking level, there might be too many fish all together in one 45 gallon and you'd have to be really careful about causing an ammonia spike. You could do a few 25-30% water changes to help with that as it would only be for a day or two.

Do you have any other fish keeping friends that might have a spare heater to lend until you can get a new one?

Welcome to TFK and Merry Christmas to you.

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Thanks for your thoughts on my dilemma, i think its going to be the kindest option for them, ive got good filtration so hopefully the ammonia will stay low.
Change the water and fingers crossed.
Thanks for the speedy reply, and merry christmas to you
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