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Heater broke? please reply

Hi I got a new fish tank for christmas it's been running fine and the temp is always set on 80 well today it's been really cold the heater is on plugged in and still on 80 but the water is so cold and the water coming out of the filter is really cold my fish aren't very active today and I think it's because of how cold the water is i don't know what can be wrong?
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It sounds like your heater is broken. Can you run out and get a new one??

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I just messed with it for a bit turned it up it didn't warm up so I took off the lid and was moving some of the fake plants around to see if they were to close to the heater and I took one out and now it's warm idk if it's just that it took awhile for the heater to warm up when I turned it up higher or if the plant was the problem and immediately fixed it.
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I just checked it again and it's back to cold! I don't understand what the problem is. It can't be broke because it's been heating up the water all this time and it just did again, but the water will randomly go back to being cold?
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It sounds like it got cold enough where the heater was working past its maximum power to keep the water warm and blew out.

Do you have a thermometer to measure the temperature?

If the heater is still working and the temperature is fluctuating a lot then you probably need a better heater anyway.
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its probably a cheap heater thats defective, go buy a new one and get a tank thermometer too so you can accurately check the temp besides by touch, if the water temp keeps changing radically it will cause shock in the fish.
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I have a thermometer it never left 80 so I turned up the heater some assuming the thermometer was wrong then in a couple hours it was up to 82 so maybe it just feels cold to me.
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i'm just wondering if this is because you are running hotter than your tank ?
i forget these days what us humanbeens run at,the tank will feel
cooler to the touch.

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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98.7ish would be us humans. And yes the water will always seem cool/cold to you. If you think that the thermometer is broken, get another one, should be cheaper than a heater. if it reads the same your heater is fine. I think I read somewhere else that you have 2 tiger barbs in there right now, if this is the case, I believe the temp range for them is 68 – 79F, so if you adjusted your temp to 82 you might want to lower it down a bit to keep your barbs as happy and stress free as possible. Since they are going through a cycle, the least amount of extra stress you put on them, the better.

If that wasn't you with the tiger barbs, disregard.

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It's me with the tiger barbs :)
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