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Originally Posted by Byron View Post
Fungus needs a host, something on which to feed. It occurs on organic matter, such as wood, leaves, dead plant matter, dead fish, uneaten fish food, etc. It can travel by spores. It is highly unlikely to have come from the decor assuming that is plastic, ceramic, or something non-organic. I don't know if it may have simply come in from the air (some will), or in water from a plant, wood, etc. One would probably have to know the actual fungus species to ascertain this, and as there are so many, this is not easy even for a microbiologist (which I am not).

When I had a fungus occur from wood, the fish in the tank experienced increased respiration and that is what alerted me to the problem. A Betta breathes air as well as using gills for oxygen from the water; have you observed more frequent trips to the surface? Are there any other fish in this tank? Just something to be aware of; different fungi have different issues.

Thanks Byron you and Teishokue have been very helpful. I just did another water change this morning about 75% and did not find any new fungus. I scraped the siphon over both wood, gravel, heater, and plants and nothing came off. I managed to get all the fungus that was in the picture I attached that had landed there. I will continue to keep an eye out for it but so far so good. It grew on the anubius roots and bamboo roots but since the original cleaning about a week or so ago they've stayed clean. As odd as it sounds I think it might have been the dinosaur some how. There's only one way to find out and there's no way I'm sticking that back in haha. Oh, one last question, would shrimp or snails be eating the fungus?

Originally Posted by Teishokue View Post
Remember that when you buy it from the store, they are there to SELL not to culture it at its best - although some do try to culture it at their best.
That's true, I will make sure I routinely check the stems and make sure they're ok. Thanks for all your help.
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I don't think anything will eat fungus regularly... Some fish will pick at it.

Why not scoop out a cup of aquarium water and put the dinosaur in it? See if you get algae..

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

Soil Substrates Guide:
Part 1
--------- Part 2

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Thanks Redchigh, I didn't think any did. I just wanted to check to see if it was actually going away or if something was eating it.

That's also a good idea but I don't think I have anything big enough to keep it in for an extended period. It's pretty big, took up half of the 5g tank and was as tall as the tank was.
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