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Hatchet Fish

What is the best environment for a school of silver hatchet fish?
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from what I read a planted aquarium with perfect water conditions that also has a good amount of floaters. what I read really urges water conditions that are perfect. they are recommended to be in a shaol of atleast 6 and are said to jump from the aquarium so a top is recommended.
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We have some of these in our profiles. The larger Silver Hatchetfish is usually the most common one seen in stores (aside perhaps from the Marble). Click the shaded name for the profile with photos. It mentions therein about the environment.

The smaller "silver" hatchet is Carnegiella marthae, or the Black-Winged Hatchetfish. See its profile too. The "Marble" is related to this species.

For any of these, a quiet tank is necessary; any boisterous or slightly nippy fish below them will keep them stressed. The common Silver Hatchetfish is highly social, and would be best in a group of 7 or more, This species is also much more active. The smaller Carnegiella species tend to be less active generally, often just sitting among the floating plants. They are social and do interact though, just not as much.

They do not appreciate fast currents, contrary to what some suggest, and need "still" water at the surface so they can rest. Constantly having to fight against a strong current from the filter is not in their best interest. Floating plants are highly recommended, but keep them thinned so some open water is available.

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