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Originally Posted by fish_4_all
My tap water is extremely soft! Zero KH and GH. I have to add crushed coral to my tanks to keep it up high enough just for the fish. I also add calcium citrate to the tanks just to make sure as well as MgSO4 (Epson Salt) Tap water is different everywhere you go. I would bet my tap water on the East side Of Washington was extremely hard but it was from a well in the desert.

The only way to know for sure is to test your tap water after you have left it out for 24 hours. Either that or try to get a city water works employee to return a phone call which took me almost 6 months.

eek! Nevermind then... Those crushed corals, are they readily made for you to buy in a pack?

and do you just sprinkle them all over the tank or something?
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I get it in bulk from my LFS. I also just throw it in the tank, about a tablespoon even couple months or when my Kh drops too far. Most people put the crushed coral in a media bag and put it in the filter. I don't because I keep live bearers and actually like snails so I just throw it in there. I also keep fairly heavily planted tanks so the plants appreciate it also.
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ok cool
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I put a wee bundle of crushed coral in the foot of a pair of tights, cut the foot off the tights and tie it up and just sit that in my tank. Just another way you can do it.
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Originally Posted by GW
Leslie, If I've done my calculations correctly to convert over to PPM:

You have "Soft" water according to your (GH)General Hardness of 0-1.
Your (KH)Carbonate Hardness level, also known as "Alkalinity", should buffer the PH level(acidity/alkalinity) preventing quick swings which could be fatal to your fish. I'm getting a conversion to PPM of approx. 160 PPM for your KH level.
I used the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals "Freshwater Master Liquid Test Kit". The table in the back agrees with your conversion of KH. Looks like its conversion is 17.9 ppm to 1 degree.

Thanks for your help. These numbers aren't much use unless I know what they mean.

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This picture helps explain the pH scale
"Pure Water" has a pH level of 7 or Neutral pH.

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