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Question guppy is pregnant AGAIN!

My guppy gave birthday 2 weeks ago. Last thursday i noticed that she was showing again. I have a breeder box and was wonering when i should put her in.

Thank you!
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Thank god women aren't like this, hehe. :) best of luck idk the answer to your question...sorry.

55 Gallon

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-1x General Pleco
-1x Snail

10 Gallon


37 Gallon (Wanted)

Not Sure

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Breeder boxes are very stressful for the mom and can cause a miscarriage. Breeder nets with a floating plant(s) (can be real or fake) are much better.

As to when you put her in, I am pretty sure that she is close to giving birth if you look at her from above and she looks like she will explode. But I am no expert on breeding on any fish.
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you have two choices depending upon how far along she is. the first choice and the is only with a breeder net which are super cheap so i suggest if u plan on keeping guppy fry you get one, anyways the first choice is to take her out as soon as you think shes pregnant the second choice beig to move her over when shes about to pop like said above. moving her in the middle of gestation can and most likely will stress her into a miscarriage. the other option is if you have a tank with enough hiding spots to just leave her in the main tank and the fry can usually fend for themselves if there is a lot of plants to hid in. i suggest this method if you dont have real plans on keeping all the fry that a guppy can produce which can be a lot but beware some if not most fry will be eaten so if you cant think of that then just get a breeder net!!
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thanks for all the responses. I am still going to put her in the box But thank you for all your help!
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For future births you should get a breeder net or just a lot of plants. When the mother is stressed during birth it may affect the health of not only her but her babies as well.
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The first time you should worry about the female delivering fry is about 28 days after her last drop. Earlier than that the fry will not be fully developed.
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