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Guppy just gave birth

Help!!! What do i do??????????????
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Are you trying to save the fry? If so, you can try moving the mother to another tank or a breeding trap so that the fry aren't eaten. If you're not trying to breed the guppies, I would recommend just letting nature take its course. Otherwise, you'll quickly be overrun. What sorts of fish do you have in the tank? Some fish are much better at eating fry than others. If you want to try to save a few, adding dense plants like java moss or hornwort can provide hiding places. The fry require no special care and will eat little bits of flake food as well as any sort of algae and microorganisms they can find.

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Thanks for the quick response. I have the mom in a breeding trap in my 10 gallon. She only had 2 baby fry so I don't know what happen to the other ones. I have the 2 babies in a seperate 2 gallon and it has a hornwort in it. I want to try to save them. I try giving them small pieces of food but it got sucked up the filter. They are staying together and seem to be doing fine. Any thing else I should do?
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Letting nature take its course doesn't always work. I let it take its course and I got five new guppies out of it.

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Okay. Any thing else I should do? I'll post some pics
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Put a sponge or some nylon over the intake tube in your 2 gallon. Chances are if the food is being sucked up, the fry will too.

What kind of breeder trap is the mother in? Sometimes they will hold fry or just release a few at a time, so chances are if she still looks pregnant then you'll have more fry soon.

In the future I would just use the 2 gallon (it's cycled right?) as a breeder tank. Fill it with either real or fake plants to make a dense covering and put the female in when she looks near ready to give birth. Once she gives birth remove her before she gets an appetite for the fry (they do eat their own young). This way is just less stressful than a breeder trap which makes it much easier on the female.

You can feed the fry crushed/powdered flakes. Baby brine shrimp and I "think" vinegar eels will work as well and give them optimal nutrition.

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Yes, the tank is cycled. They did eat some. I have a filter mesh bag wrapped around the intake food, and I still have both of them so apparently its working. The filter puts a strong current in the little tank, so the fry are constantly swimming. So at night i turn the filter off so they can rest. I have a low lying lamp next to it. It is doing a good job of keeping it warm... Its been pretty cold in Florida the past week. I have some fake plants and a hornwort in it and they sometimes eat it. I think I'm doing a good job. (Please tell me if I'm wrong!) And how long will it take for the fry to grow to be around an inch? Because I would like to stick them in my 10 gallon to keep the 2 gallon for babies. So like a month or so? The female guppy doesn't appear to be holding any more fry. I will take her out in a week or so just to make sure that shes done. Thank you!
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