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I can hold a 20W CFL in my hand. It doesn't generate enough heat to heat up a tank. A clip-on desk lamp (or two) would work. I've seen a curly CFL with a large, shallow, conical shade suspended over the tank from the ceiling. Very dramatic and attractive, I think.

(24x24xpi) x .25 x 21 x 1/231 = 41 gallons
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Captain Jim Dandy (10-22-2013)
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I'm off to get groceries..sorry didn't get back to you sooner. Thanks all, for your help and input. Aokashi, I wasn't able to get lids of any kind..I'm going to find out how to cut plexiglass and start there..we are due for first cold front, and need to keep heat in for a change..what a summer!. Willow, I'm thinking a dual t-5 that will fit a 55 gallon(double fixture). If it doesn't do well, I can use it on a 55. I really appreciate your calculating tank size(gallons) Hallyx..that is of course very helpful to me. Not familiar with CFL s..will look into that too, by the weekend.The angels I was going to bid on are halfway thru the roof already..may look at koi angels instead. Let you know..update.
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it wasn't DramQueen who had the corner tank,it was someone else,
another member called monster pony,sorry i wasn't able to help.
please do keep up with how you are doing.

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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You do help me Willow..with your moral support, which I want and need. Thank you.
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Ultra Bright Flexible Strip- Prices Starting at $7.00

Assuming you have something above the tank to attach the lights to...

Measure out and order about three strips. Don't forget interconnect cables and a power cable.

The LEDs have stickyback, but are also perfect size for staples.

Unlike other LEDs, you do not have to put anything together. You order the length you want, and they put a power accessory connection at each end. You connect a power cord to one end, interconnect cables between the other strips, and a switch if you like.

Cool White is ~6500K. A single strip will give you slow growth; four strips is roughly equal to my plant-grow Flourescent.
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Originally Posted by Captain Jim Dandy View Post
About to set up two corner tanks for angelfish..Wanting to have healthy permanent amazon swords and ludwigia, probably vallesnaria, maybe banana. Tank is 21 inches tall, 24,..other one Im inches on back legs, and radius. Other one a little bigger(55)..I think. What lighting would be good, /necessary?

I'm no expert, but you could suspend a shop light (~24") over the tank or look into LED light strips that can be submerged or I think Marineland sells LED strip lights that are adhered to the side of the tank near or at the top of the tank. I don't know if the length of the strips are a problem.

Just a suggestion, I hope it helps.

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Expense account

I may end up with shop lights..I've had little luck with t-8, t-5 work fair, and leds that approach the power of (single) t-5 don't sound impressive, so I'm thinking a dual t-5(24 inch) for to see how that does, at same time a shop light on other one,but the led strips that moghedan suggessted look awesome..I am very tempted there. Anyone use these to keep plants(medium light) well? Thanks everyone.
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Just picked up second tank.. It is bigger. The back "legs" or corner portion are 27 inches compared with 24 on other. and it is two inches taller..23inches instead of 21 in. The base seems a little light duty, I may beef it up. I'm thinking I may put coat of polyeurathane on it. Glass is thick..must be 50 gallons. Big piece of driftwood, that will have to be held down. Just a little project!
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