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Green water

Last week while I was away on vacation my brother thought he would clean the rocks at the bottom of our 65 gal tank by stirring it all up, it turned the water cloudy green, I have changed the filter and it hasn't helped at all. A friend told me to empty out 1/4 of the water and add fresh water and change the filter again and it should clear up in a few days. Will this work, or does anyone have any suggestions?
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Is it in direct sunlight? You should remove 1/4 the water and replace it monthly.
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No, it never gets direct sunlight.
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do u use filter floss or just ur regular cartrigages ... ometimes stuff is to small for even the cartridges but the filter flosswill pick it up. jut get some a change it daily til the green stuff goes away ... or u could simply get a diatom filter wich is way more expensive

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I have an AquaClear 70 & 50, they use the foam and carbon bags.
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If it had been a long time since a good gravel vac all it is excess nutrients that the algae is now thriving on. Once the nutrients level back out the green water will go away. I deal with it every time I pull up all my plants and disturb the root tabs that I forgot I put in. Once they break up and settle back into the substrate the tank turns clear again. It takes about 2 weeks for everything to get back to normal. 40-50% water changes 1-2 times a week will help to get the levels back to normal a little faster.

Just be careful; if it gets too bad the fish could suffer from lack of oxygen. Might want to keep an airstone and air pump handy just in case you ever see them gasping for air.
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Hate to sound like a broken record but, read this:

You may need to break down and buy a UVS........I'm not saying it's the answer to everything, but it WORKS and quick too, without all the water changes...
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The basics are always the same, something is causing it happen. As long as there is no direct sunlight there has be a reason why the algae is growing so fast. Yes, a UV sterilizer will kill it but it does not solve the problem. Is the same for getting fish to take care of algae instead of finding out the cause and correcting it.

The water changes are the best way to reset the tank. My tank is starting to clear up even though I have not stopped dosing the exact same amount I did before. Therefore the cause in my tank was when I removed the majority of the faster growing plant mass. Now that I have put Wisteria back in and my Primrose is starting to take off again the green water is going away and should be gone in less than 2 weeks total. And I have only been doing weekly 50-60% water changes. I could probably get rid of it in a day or two with 3-4 water changes but why stress out the fish more than I have to.
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My suggestion would be the water change, filter change (remove carbon and), low lighting, and add something called Algone. It's an all natural "plant in a pouch" basically, nothing chemical. It works great. Keep up on water and filter changes and you should be ok in a week or so.


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I changed 1/4 of the water a few days ago and there is no change, it's been almost 2 weeks now. I guess I'll buy Algone tomorrow and try that.
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