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Green spot algae

So, I have a green spot algae problem. I've tried limiting light but my tank sits in front of a window, and even with blinds closed it still gets sunlight. I've tried brushes, I've tried the magnetic cleaners. Nothing works. Any of you had similar problems? Solutions?
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Yes, I have had it in patchy masses and brown algae too (different problem). I got an otocus, a golden and a green chinese algae eater. The oto cleans the leaves of the plants like a hoover. The chinese eaters handle the rocks, gravel and some of the sand substrate. It's crystal clear now. Whenever the tank looks pristine, I put in some algae tabs or combo tabs until I see it starting to reappear. Then I stop the tabs and they earn their keep. It's been a beautiful relationship. Best wishes!
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I've had little spots of it here and there occasionally. I just use an aquarium scrubber pad and a lot of elbow grease. You need to catch it while it's "young" before it really sets in or it's super hard to scrub off.

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i've got it,and i use an old credit card to remove it.
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Like Jeaninel and Willow I also get the green spot algae. I keep otos, SAE's and a bristle and while they do their jobs 24/7 I still get the green spots here & there. As Jeaninel says, get them while they are still starting to multiply or they are really tough to remove. Never tried the credit card trick, nice Willow!

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I have gift card I used up to get my new camera the other day...I'm going to try it. I've tried just about everything else. I wonder if a windshield scraper might also work...
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I use a scrubbing pad or the rough side of a sponge (you know, the part that's not yellow) feel free to scrub pretty hard when you try to get it off.

I have the same problem as you, tank by a window, blinds closed light still gets in. I had algae before but then I did one very thorough cleaning and it hasn't come back yet.

Try throwing a few pond snails in there, or maybe a fish that can help remove it.

If all else fails try using a razor blade.

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i've used the razor blade too,the only trouble i have
is that one of the tanks is a bow front,so on that one i use the card.
i can't put an otto in the big tank now because of the cichlids,they'd tear
the poor thing apart.
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