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weekly/bi-weekly water changes of 10-25%
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how long has your tank been running. ?
you can do a light vac if there is a tonn of food on the botom.
sorry to take long to reply,feeding the baby :)

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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+one for what Willow said.
In new tanks or cycling tanks it is best not to vaccum the bottom too aggressively for it is an area that good bacteria develops along with the filter. Best not to disturb these areas until tank has matured or cycled. Not overfeeding will help loads in how often the bottom needs vaccuming throughout the life of the aquarium.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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If you have a planted aquarium you only want to vacuum the top half or so of the gravel. Going deeper would damage the roots. For a non-planted aquarium you want to go as deep as you can, especially if you use an UGF. Don't worry about bothering the bio material. That'll be attached to the gravel pretty well. If you've ever owned a canister filter and have cleaned the bio material you'll know what I mean. Any area you can reach should be vacuumed.

How long to wait depends on the feeding and fish load. You could probably wait a couple of months so. if you start to vacuum and not much comes up, I guess you can wait.
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the tank has been running for a whole 3 days now.

I don't over feed my fish, but the bf seems to make it a habit, and now he's carrying that habit over to my tanks.
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Originally Posted by onefish2fish View Post
welcome to the forum.

i agree with everything that has been said.

how much/often/what do you feed? preventing yourself from overfeeding will reduce some of the "gunk" found in the gravel. not only is that food particles but its also extra fish poop that gets produced from eating extra food. make sense? regardless your going to have detritus and debris in your gravel but again preventing yourself from overfeeding will help this.

do you have neon tetras, or danios? (or glofish which come in neon colors but are actually painted danios)
They get fed twice a day. I've been feeding in the A.M. with flakes, and in the P.M. with either flakes or some pellets, and every few days some freeze-dried shrimp. I try not to overfeed, just give them what they can consume in a few minutes. The blood parrot and the g. pellegrini will usually graze for what fell to the bottom, so there is not usually a whole lot of junk that's visible on top of the gravel.

The dayglo danios are definitely danios, and they are not dyed. My LFS specifically told me they do NOT carry any dyed fish. The ones they stock were bred for the bright colors.

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Your fish store is correct, GloFish are not dyed. They are genetically modified and carry a gene (from jellyfish, I believe) that causes them to fluoresce. Definitely a lot more humane than any other means of artificial fish coloring.

As others have said, you'll definitely want to jam the vac as deep into the gravel as it will go, so long as you don't have rooted plants. Alternate which area of the floor you vacuum at each water change.

Just a heads up: several of the fish you're keeping are going to need a larger tank than a 30g. The parrot and gourami both need to be in at least a 55g tank. Are you sure you've got g. pellegrini? This is a fairly uncommon species of geophagus. It should be fine in a 30g as it only grows to about six inches, but if it's one of the more common species expect it to get to 10" or 12".

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