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Gravel vac question

Hey guys, just wondering about gravel vac sizes. Does a larger size=more vacuum pull? Or is it just more surface area? Thanks!
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P is the pressure,F is the normal force,A is the area.
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Teishokue, could you explain that in layman's terms for those of us less mathematically inclined? LOL

I believe the larger the tube the less vacuum you get. This is just from my own experience using a gravel vac with the large tube vs using just a piece of 3/4" tubing cut from an extra length of Python tubing. The tubing has far greater suction then the regular gravel vac.

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the wider the tubing the stronger the sucken

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Oh man, this is physics all over again. *shudders* I guess I should of written my question a bit more clearly: What are the benefits of having a gravel vac thats graded for 5-10 gallons versus one thats graded 20-30 gallons? The funnel/head of the vacuum do vary in size, but the tubing itself is relatively similar in diameter. I ask because whenever I'm vacuuming my sand, I can't get enough suction to get the poop/leftover food with my small 10 gallon rated vacuum unless I churn up the sand, but that's quite difficult to get all the spots that way. Hope this clarifies it!
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Originally Posted by Teishokue View Post

P is the pressure,F is the normal force,A is the area.
It is so difficult.
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the length of the gravel vac should be close to the height of the tank.

it's difficult to siphon a 10 inch high tank with a 2 foot long gravel vac.

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