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grandsons tank

we are going to put a tank in the grandsons room as he is facinated by mine. I know that no matter how much we watch and scold, he will be poking at the glass and sticking hands in the tank so I need advice for fish that will not spook easily and provide a fair amount of movement. It will only be a 20g for now so I know the amount of fish is limited. I would prefer to stay away from goldfish and was actally considering cichlids since our water is "nasty" (gh180 kh120 ph7.5/7.8) and I prefer not to chemichally treat if I dont have to. Also I have found that SAs (oscars esp) tend to be interactive and this appeals. Any information you can offer would be appreciated
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One hungry Piranha and he'd put his fingers in the tank only once. :) I'm kidding.

You're ph is not "real" high. Most fish today are tank raised and are accustomed to higher ph levels compared to the water parameters they are found at in the wild.
Your water is quite hard though. Since this is a child I would think easy, hardy beginner fish such as Zebra Danios would work. This is assuming they can handle the high gh/kh. That is something I'm not 100% sure about and am sure others will chime in. Danios are very active fish and even if the scatter from a spooking I would assume they wouldn't run and hide like scaredy cat Tetras.

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Oscars get far too large for a 20g tank. What about something like a convict or jewel cichlid? They're hardy, interesting fish that would do fine in your water parameters.

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I have platies in my 75-litre tank. One's a bit shy but the others aren't frightened of anything. When I put the test tubes in to get the water for testing, they swim over to my hand rather than swimming off to hide. They always swim over to the glass if you're there. I'll leave it to the fish experts to say whether they are otherwise suited (I'm a new user) but on sociability and fearlessness I'd give mine a 10/10. My local water is also hard and alkaline.
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Yep, platies would do quite well in that water.

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