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Hey got three fish today cycle was done in one day! as the woman said but see said there was small trace of nitrate or w/e thats call i a one of those so bought more plants and one bumble bee catfish and two gold Gouramis i no i n they'll get big found that out like two secs ago
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well im XING out the tetras cause i cant fit them
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How did you cycle your tank in one day?

Oceane cichlid and cats mostly
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Now why didn't I see this thread?

Oceane, thanks for the good question.

Joe, a small trace of nitrites will not mean your tank has completely cycled. By adding fish, you'll only be screwing up the cycle soon as ammonia will spike again once your fish die due to nitrites poisoning.
Now, you have to monitor your tank regularly for any spikes in ammonia and nitrites. Should you see those substances at detectable level, do water changes immediately to nullify those dangerous substances.

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well it was in for 2 days well about two days put it in at 10 pm cycled was allmost over at 4 the next day
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well foolish me forgot to bye test strips my nitrates were yesterday because i only had three plants but now ihave about seven or eight and going to add five more. im going to do a water change soon but i dout anythings there i have two bio whells in there. my fish look great swimming and stuff there eating fine the gourmies (or however you spell it) they have there fights but nothing bad
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