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good stock or no?

I have a (brand new, just added the plants and fish today) 10 gallon tank. in it i have

one male king cobra guppy
two female king cobra guppies
four sparkling gouramis
two cory cats
three neon tetras
three glowlight tetras

plant-wise, i'm not quite sure of what i have, my friend mail ordered them from a site and he put them in one of his tanks until he came over and he said he just grabbed some things. i think he said

baby tears
corkscrew val
and i bought a large fake plant today since both female guppies are pregnant.

good stock or no?

10 gallon community tank
4 sparkling gouramis||3 king cobra guppies||3 neon tetras||3 glowlight tetras||2 cory cats
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Replace one of the male guppies with a female. You want more females than males for livebearers.

What kind of filter will you be using?
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Neon Tetra's need to be in a shoal of at least 6. Also, has your tank been cycled? Or did you just put water in and throw the fish in? Neon's need to be put in a tank that has been established for at least 6 months since they aren't very hardy fish these days. Also what eddie said about the guppy's. The males need to be 2 to 1 to the females. :D

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Oops. Yeah, I just noticed that you just added the plants and fish. That is way too much fish for an uncycled tank. Neons are sensitive to water conditions and may not survive the cycle process.

The reason you want to have more female guppies than males, is because livebearers are very prolific fish. Therefore, the females would always get harassed by the males. Having more females (2 or more females per each male) will allow the females to rest, while the male goes after the other female.
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well im sorry to say you didnt do a good job on chosing fish. The tank isnt ready for your neons and you need at least 6 neons for them to be happy and do the thinks that people find fun and interesting. Also it seems to be a bit overcrowded for a 10 gallon tank... You should return most of them and keep the guppies for cycling although there nto as good as some other fish maybe. But you might have done a fishless cycle, if you did a fishless cycle tell us.
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