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Goldfish Stocking

Hello. I am confused. I am going to be getting a 75g for my Comet who is in a 20g. We finally found a tank for her!! I'm very excited.

However, I keep reading such mixed information on how many I can keep. thekoimaiden suggested it is only enough for one and maybe one with stunted growth, and some informational websites say 2, and some people say 4 (which is silly, I think). I remember how cute and happy Comet looked swimming around with the other fishies, and it makes me feel bad to keep her by herself-- but I would feel bad about overcrowding as well!! I am very torn between getting another fish fish and sticking with one. How fast do these little buggers grow? They would be moved to a pond in 4-5 years.

Please help! I'm just trying to make her happy.

Are 2-3 goldfish way too many, even if they will be moved?

If I have to keep her alone, will she still be as happy? What are some decorations which may entertain her somehow?

You will always be my best friend, .
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2-3 fancy goldfish, no problem. But comet goldfish will outgrow a 75 well before 4-5 years. Try about 2 years. 75 is a big tank, but it's really not that big...

Wait, if your goldfish a comet or is that just it's name??

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It is a Comet. I'd love to have a pond, but I'm renting a place. 75g is the best I can do.

You will always be my best friend, .
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