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This is a discussion on Goldfish and Snails within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> Originally Posted by kelly528 Stress is not uncommon in goldfish when the temperature changes in excess of as little as 4F, which is incidentally ...

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Originally Posted by kelly528 View Post
Stress is not uncommon in goldfish when the temperature changes in excess of as little as 4F, which is incidentally why I like heaters (the goldie room faces south :/ )

For what personal anecdotes are worth (nothing lol) my goldies thrive at 76 and don't seem to like the lower temps. I added a heater on the advice of people who have been in the hobby of goldies for more than 20 years. Erik & Richard, who advise it in their book are a world class Goldfish & Koi Vet and owner of Goldfish Connection respectively. I recieved similar advice from multiple members, breeders & mods on Koko's and the GAB.
I mod Fancies in general do better in a temperature range of 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit. This is in general though because from my observations, most of the fancy goldfish that are circulated from the trade came from fish farms especially from Asia where the climate tends to be rather warm or tropical. Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia are main distributors of fancy goldfish that circulate widely around. Fish from such climate are more acclimated to the warm temperature which is why some tend to exhibit signs of stress as soon as the temperature dips too low for them to tolerate properly. Of course, the reverse can happen. It just so happens goldfish, like other fish, have levels of tolerance towards various temperature ranges.

I personally think though 72-78 degrees is the safest range for your goldfish, whether fancy or singletail even though singletails prefer their temp slightly cooler. It is true that the warmer the water, the less oxygen there is and note goldfish are heavy oxygen consumers. They need plenty of oxygen otherwise you'll start seeing them gasp on the surface frequently which is quite stressful to them. Like other fish, your goldfish will not appreciate too much temperature adjustments though especially when it happens all of a sudden. That's why heaters are suggested as a precaution to keep the temperature as consistently as possible.

Fantails are still categorized as fancies, sometimes intermediate between fancy and singletail as they are the hardiest fancy out there which can indeed be kept with the singletails without too much issues. Ryukins are also a force to reckon with. Their brute appearance just matches well their ability to adapt well like fantails do.

PCG, I would not suggest getting trapdoor snails. They are tricky to feed preferring decaying organic matter and algae. I can raise them in ponds but not in tanks. They are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Crank temp above 74 degrees and most of these snails start "hibernating" instead indicating they are very stressed.

You'll find mystery snails (Pomacea diffusa) the best ones to start about. They have the same temperature tolerance as goldfish do. The warmer the temp though, the faster they age. Keep it to at least 74-76 degrees.

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I have also had success with Nerite snails, however they feed exclusively on green dust (and brown, I believe)algae. And blanched spinach, but the goldies will devour that before they can get so much as a whiff.

Otos are liable to be eaten when the goldfish can fit them in their mouths and I don't think they'd take too kindly to all the nitrate. But happily Nerites are basically otos in a different package as they eat the same algae.

Snails of any size shouldn't be problem in a betta tank (unless of course they are overstocking the tank). Your betta might make a snack out of juvenile ramshorn and pond snails but thats about it.
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The trouble with otos is their serrated spines can lock on a predator's mouth and may kill both fish in the process.

Nerites eat diatoms, green dust and green spot algae.
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