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Goldfish sleeping a lot...?

This is a discussion on Goldfish sleeping a lot...? within the Beginner Freshwater Aquarium forums, part of the Freshwater Fish and Aquariums category; --> yes bigger tank but another thing is im not sure if anyone mentioned this but gold fish do not have stomachs thus needing to ...

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Goldfish sleeping a lot...?
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yes bigger tank but another thing is im not sure if anyone mentioned this but gold fish do not have stomachs thus needing to be feed small amounts ,more often. 3-4 times a day for young goldies and 1-2 times a day fold adults consider getting some duckweed to grow on the surface. goldies like to eat it. reducing feedings is only going to hurt the fish. also every couple of days feed them a shelled pea or two that has been blanched to help prevent blockage in their intestinal track. this will help prevent swim bladder problems common in gold fish. but really each fish needs something like 10 gallons per fish.

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I'm sorry to hear you lost your little guy. Sometimes there is little we can do because of prior treatment. Just keep up with your water changes until you can get them in the bigger tank. A 70 gal is a nice size tank for goldfish. Good score on that!

Regarding the pea, this is another myth that came about to help goldfish get more greens in their diets. Peas contain complex carbohydrates that goldfish cannot digest, so it is just pushed through the body while dragging along any undigested food. It is much better to feed goldfish leafy greens like blanched spinach, kale, and red lettuce as these are closer to what they would consume in the wild.

About a goldfish diet, most people don't understand that they are omnivores and need more vegetable matter in their diet than protein. For common goldfish you don't have to be as picky as fancy goldfish because commons aren't as prone to digestive issues (those twisted fancy bodies also twist the organs). For commons you can just add algae wafers to their diet and look for spirluna pellets. I have the Omega One sinking algae wafers for my tropical fish and am very pleased with them. They don't cloud the water and stay together rather nicely. They also appreciate the stray red lettuce leaf and of course duckweed.

Yes, it is true that goldfish don't have true stomachs, but a reduction in feeding here is one of the best ways to make sure the water stays clean. Goldfish can easily go 10 days without feeding by living off of their fat stores. They will glean what nutrients they can from the reduced feedings and get the rest of their energy from fat stores. My koi go all winter (2-3 months) without being fed and are just fine.
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