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going to get a 45 gallon tank tomorrow!!!!..have some ?'s fish?

I've become way addicted to my aquarium. So i started cruisin on Craigs List, and i found a deal on a 45 gallon. The tank is all glass, but it's 20 years old. What is the life of the seals on those things? But besides that one question(and i hope the tanks fine, if not i'll have it resealed) the only other question is....what to put in it. Well besides live plants. I already have my 29 gallon planted, and it's thriving so i was going to trim and transplant from this tank to the new 45 gallon to save the money on plants. I want to do the lighting myself and would be interested in a good DIY links, please. I prefer a more high light setup, but am also interested in low light setups after seeing some on here. Also the filter is a 330 penguin (3-4 years old). Will that be enough filtration?

What fish would you introduce if it were your tank?
My 29 gallon is a community tank.
I'm looking for ideas, i know you all have so many good ones
Thanks everyone
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As for the lighting, this company makes good kits that you can diy in a canopy or fit an existing fixture. I believe the guys name is Kim and he'll work with your. Check the bright light kits. Compact Fluorescent Lighting Kits

I'd probably ditch the Penguin filter for a canister filter in a planted tank. HOB could add too much surface disturbance and gas off the co2 required for the plants.

As for fish, that's something I'd not push on someone. It's a personal decision.
I would fill the tank first with nothing in it and check for leaks. Aquarium silicone can be purchased and the seal redone by scraping off the old stuff nice and clean and resealing it.

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Are there pictures of the tank? A lot of times people seriously overestimate the size of their tanks. I'd also be worried that a tank of that age would have those tacky chrome edges, which aren't my cup of tea at all.

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I saw a picture of the tank, and it looks just like my 29 gallon, just taller and longer. I'm about to leave to go get it, i've got a tape measure so i'll check it out. In the picture it looks like they got the proportions correct, but we'll see. Thanks for the concern
@ Mean Harri Thanks for the link ! and i think i'm kinda stuck with the filter for a while anyway unfortunately. I'm seeing how inexpensively i can do this thing. Well, hopefully i'll be back in a couple of hours with a new tank...wish me luck and i'm going to keep my fingers crossed that i found a gem
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There ARE a wide variety of tetras ^^
I like tetras haha

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