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Glass fish tank in kids' room

I am in the market for my second 55-gallon tank. My current one is a plexiglass tank which is in my room, and the second (a glass tank) is going into my kids' room. Is it safe to put a glass tank into a young child's room? I have two rambunctious boys that are pretty rough, and I am concerned about them banging a toy against the glass and cracking it. We don't let them bang on the plexiglass tank, but since the new one will be in their room I will not be able to be in there 100% of the time to make sure they treat it properly.

Anyway, should I go through the gruesome task of emptying the plexi and switching the two tanks?

Thanks for any thoughts/advice/suggestions.

Best wishes for your fishes!
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IMHO, I wouldn't put the glass tank in thier room.. Why not get an acrylic tank or something to put in there? or even a plastic tank... SOmething fo them to start out with.... That way they have less a chance to break it... :D
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I would be very wary. Not only is there the risk of the tank getting broken, but if the boys are that boisterous and jump about a lot, there would probably be a lot of banging and vibration which could shock the fish.
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how old are your boys? is there any way you can get a sturdy tank stand that would lift the tank up higher? i resentley put a glass 10 gal. into my nieces bed room eye level for a five year old about a week later i found barbie swimming with the fish... no breaking of glass though. if the have a small room i would deff. have to discourage but if theyre a lil older to wear they can handle the responsibility and have plenty of room i would try it and see what happens.
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Thanks for all the suggestions and insight. We've definitely scratched the glass tank idea, and I think for now we will just stick with what we've got. The boys' room was the only one that could possibly have another tank in it (we literally have a tank in every room), and I could just see somebody's beloved truck getting thrown into the tank (I laughed hysterically about the Barbie doll - sorry).

We played ring-around-the-tanks this afternoon and now our fish are much happier. Not everything is ideal yet, but things are much improved. The black skirt tetras have even stopped clamping their fins!

We're still working on getting the goldfish a bigger tank, but at least they're out of the tiny 5.5 gallon now. We converted the 5.5 to a guppy tank and have three feeder guppies in there now.

Best wishes for your fishes!
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This may not be suitable for the room you are thinking about, but it's an idea...

My brother works in a care home with some folk with pretty challenging behaviour, and he wanted to set up a tank for them to look at, but was worried about the obvious breakage problem. The solution was to place the tank in the (disused) fireplace and put a sheet of thick perspex in front of the tank to absorb any blows. So far it's worked well, the fish have got used to the occasional loud shouts, and the folks have learnt to sit and watch the tank, it really seems to calm them down.

Obviously this only works if you have a fireplace that fits your tank and is in the room that you want a tank in, but when set up neatly it makes for a really nice flush to the wall feature tank!

Just a thought!
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or if the kids atart banging it, just pick them up from there feet and smack there bottoms.
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Too cute, assualt. For now, we're just going to keep the temptation out of their room and work with what we've got. I really liked the fireplace idea, so I will have to keep that in mind if we ever have a house with a fireplace![/quote]

Best wishes for your fishes!
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