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Ghost shrimp with gold strip down his/her back!


I bought 2 ghost shrimp a few months back, completely transparent no markings, I bought 3 more yesterday, there a bit bigger than my other 2 but have different characteristics, like they know how to escape a net, they hide alot yet my other 2 ghost shrimp dont care what happens, anyway, can someone confirm to me that these new shrimp ARE infact ghost shrimp and not some other kind related to them as the new ones have a gold stripe down there back and dont seem as transparant as the other 2, heres some photos!

New Ghost Shrimp pictures by sdrchilderley - Photobucket
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I don't know if you neccessarily have the same species, or maybe a mutation / color oddity, but I do know that once my bamboo shrimp became 'comfortable' with the tank he formed a white stripe down his back. Perhaps the same pattern of behavior with ghost shrimp as well?
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Yes they are ghost shrimp some just have more pronounced stripe.
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Looks like they might be Amano shrimp

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I agree, those are definitely amano shrimp.
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