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Getting A New Tank!!!

Hello everyone!!!

I am really excited because I am getting a brand new tank for christmas!!! I currently have a 10 gallon tank that I love but I will be getting a 36 gallon bow tank as a christmas gift. What would be some cool fish to get for it? I want to get a good mix of fish and different colors as well. Also I am looking for fish ideas at first and I will definitely want to get some more as time goes on. I currently have two angels but I got them for my 10 gallon tank (as of now) because the price was right and I have never seen any angels like them. They will be transferred over to the new tank once it is up and running in a few weeks.
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Damn Ghost Shrimp!!

So I purchased about five ghost shirmp for my tank the other day. The only problem is that they always get stuck in my filter!!! How to I avoid this in the future if it is even possible
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You can wrap the intake in foam. I understand that works for frogs (had this problem with a tank at work... just stopped trying to keep frogs)

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They have specific sponges made to cover filters intake to save fry/shrimp/frogs etc.

Fluval Edge Pre-Filter Sponge - Filter Media - Fish - PetSmart

This is the one I use and recommend. Its a bit denser than the other sponges I've used so less can get trapped in it. My fish like picking at the bits it catches too

5g: Betta
20g Long: Endlers/Sorority/Cherry Shrimp
20g Long: Espei Tetras/Otos/Pgmy Cories/Assassin Snails

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then how does it catch the stuff it is trying to filter?
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Think of it as a "pre"-filter that just catches bigger stuff before the main filter does. It will need cleaning as well, and probably more often than the main I might guess.

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