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When I first started keeping fish, I thought I really wanted some puffers. I set up a 10 gal for a couple dwarf puffers. They are a little lower maintenance, dont need the dental work. They filled my need for puffers. They are kept in a take alone, because they can be quite mean little fish. Its a good thing they are cute!
I personally would also prefer a peaceful community tank, not to say you should not get the puffers.
What other fish are you interested in?
A 120 gal could make an awsome brackish tank, with monos, scats, or archer fish.
Well, It would make a great fresh water as well. Name some fish you are interested in and maybe some people with first had experience on that type fish can comment on them.
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You picked two fish I have not kept.
Angel fish prefer a low ph, something I do not have.
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archer fish seems nice...
How about them?
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Archer fish will sometimes fight with there own species, but are said to do well with monos (look like angels), four eye fish, and brackish puffers. All of these fish prefer a ph around 8.
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Anyone else know anything else about archer fish. The fact that they can shoot water is awesome!
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i've only kept the dwarf puffers that have been mantioned,and angel fish.
sorry i don't seem to be able to help with the archers .

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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If you want figure 8 puffers, I say go for them! If you have the right segmented decor with plenty of spots where the fish can claim their own, then it is possible to be successful with 3-5 puffers in that tank. Quite a few fish are hit and miss when it comes to putting them together, and quite a large percentage of fish are known to become more aggressive as they age. I have seen quite a few tanks with puffers in them and the one thing is common was that the other fish in the tank were between 4 and 6 inches on average, which made the puffer the runt of the group. I think that this helped in keeping the puffer calm. Don't get fish that will get big enough to eat the puffer though!! If it doesn't work out and the fish become too aggressive you can always take them back to the store. You may lose out on a few bucks, but you wont lose your fish. Just make sure that the tankmate you select for your puffer(s) will be able to handle the brackish conditions that your puffers are going to need.

My wife rolls her eyes when I talk about getting another tank
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I want to add something about the water change. DO NOT RELY ON % CHANGES. One method I learned that is helpful for the first water change after cycling is first remove as much water as you can without exposing the gravel substrate to the air assuming you did a fishless cycle otherwise remove as much water without making the fish very uncomfortable. Then fill the tank halfway and remove as much water as described before and add dechlorinated water again. Test the water for nitrates after each addition of dechlorinated water. Repeat process until you reach desired concentration of nitrates. This process of removing dirty water and adding clean water is similar to a lab procedure called serial dilutions.
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Although there are some differences in opinions, most of what I read claims the figure 8 puffer to be one of the few puffers that do better in fresh water. No personal experience, so I can't say for sure.
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