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I always recommend staying away from HDpot play sands for the fact the grains can pack so tightly together, under water it's like concrete. Over time as organics break down that become trapped in the sand, water cannot pass through the sand to "wash it". You end up with a nitrite time bomb. Look at sand over time and you'll see black lines or clumps in it. This is usually some type of broken down matter stuck in the sand like compost. Over time you will see large bubbles forming against the glass, these are basically pockets of methane gas, ammonia gas, and nitrite that cannot convert to nitrate.
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If I think play sand is like play sand like the kind my baby cousin plays in, it seems that the sand is too fine, exactly what your saying, that's not what I what so I think I'm going to go for Pool filter sand. What's the texture and what color is it.
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Alright check these pool filter sands.
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It comes in your average sand color.

I'd just go to your local pool store and get what ever they have.

Here is what I used:
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I bought 250 pounds of Play sand from HD at 3.55 a piece. I washed the sand and added 200 pounds of the sand and its about 2.5 inchs in the back and sides and get thinner in the middle. I filled it and waited a whole day, still the water didnt clear so I ran one hose in and one hose out replacing and draining water until it was crystal clean. I added the plants and drift wood the next day and then added fish and now its been running for about half a week. No problems so far.
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good to hear i worried about "dead spots" so i mix the sand around with my hand before water change. don't know if this is the best advice works for me and my 55. plus its WAY cheaper .
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yea. every once in a while im going to take the back of my fish net and stir up the sand
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actually the cichlids in my tank do a heck of a good job moving the sand for me i just level it off. oh well its their home i just clean the place
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Lol I got some fish to help me do my job

Lace Catfish
Amored Catfish
4 Pictus Cats
2 Clown Loachs

I consider them my clean up crew so that it reduces the chance of waste getting trapped
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