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Freshwater sands

What sands can I use in a 125 gallon tank, IT has to be for freshwater so it wont change my tanks levels. Also I need the cheapest ones .lol Also how much do I need for 4 inchs in my 125 gallon tank,
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post #2 of 19 Old 12-28-2007, 09:19 PM
Silica sand is about as cheap as you can get.
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post #3 of 19 Old 12-29-2007, 05:00 AM Thread Starter
At how much?
Where can I get it?
Should I know nayhthing about it first?

I also heard of play sand that the sell at home depoto for $4 for 50 pounds.
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Dr Fosters and Smith I've found to be the cheapest. I'm not sure of how much your going to need but they actually have a calculator on thier web site to help you figure it out. For 4 inches your going to need quite a few 20 lbs bags. Are you sure you want to put 4 inches in there? It seems like a lot.

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You are going to get a lot of dead spots in that depth of sand.

I would get pool filter sand. It's not the cheapest, but I like it!

You will need to clean any sand you get.

I would imagine 300 lbs of sand would be pretty close to what you need for 4 inches. 6x50lb bags.
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Okay I'm settling for 2 to 3 inchs. I found play sand that's $4 for 50 pounds. So I would get about 300 pounds.

300 divided by 50 is 6 so 6 times 4 is $24

Sounds pretty decent

How much is pool filter sand.
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I just went to a local pool shop here. It was 7 dollars per 50 lbs.
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Its almost twice as much. Can you post a pic of it.
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i went with play sand from home depot pretty cheap. although i washed it for about three hours in a five gallon pail, actuaully a couple. Four inches might be alot , my fish move the sand all over and some spots might get pretty high. also when you rinse the sand use luke warm water if you use cold the sand will lower the temp of the water when adding, if tank is running.good luck
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So tell me. Does play sand seem lighter compared to pool sand
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