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Freshwater Aquarium Business

Hey guys!
My cousin and I have been gathering different information and ideas and together we have come together with a few business ideas. We want to open a home based aquarium store where people can come in and see how fish should be kept and the different species. I have a keen eye for aquascaping and we will be offering this as a service. As we both live in Australia and have some different ideas that we are experimenting with. I was looking for some third party views on some ideas, so I ask you guys on what species would be great for this store. We will try and breed as many of our own fish as we can. Thanks in advance for the great ideas I know you guys have floating round your heads.

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The initial outlay of money is going to be HUGE. You would need to set yourself up as a business first otherwise you could have very serious tax issues. Filtration and electrical costs need to be taken into consideration.

A backup generator is a must and depending on what fish are available locally from wholesalers will play a big part in what you can stock. Not to mention you may need a license if you intend on importing fish for sale, these can set you back thousands of dollars.
The scale of being a commercial breeder is an enormous undertaking as well, you need to have a lot of tanks with fish at various stages of development, fry take a lot of work to mature quickly and some even then can take a few years before the fish can be sold.

Zoning regulations in your area also may play a part in whether or not you can run a home based business. You need to provide ample parking space for visitors at busy times and parking on public roads usually comes with restrictions as to the number of cars allowed before it is deemed a safety risk for the safe passage of emergency vehicles or other members of the public. Not to mention as well the traffic (people) constantly walking through your home means carpets will wear quickly and painting would become a nightmare with the fumes and having a lot of tanks setup.

Hope this gives you at least some idea of the scale of what you are considering.

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I also don't want to rain on your parade, but Tazman is correct.
It's fun to ponder turning an enthusiastic hobby into a business and although it can be done, it does require a very large investment of time and MONEY...and not all that appropriate directly out of your home. It would be more practical in a separate building on your property assuming you have the zoning and parking worked out.
Good luck - hope you can make it work for you!

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