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Thanks Mikaila, that was the brand. I haven't tried it as no one locally carries it (so far).

And yes, frozen foods have minimal nutrition. Their "plus" is that "live food only" fish can usually be weaned onto frozen if they will not eat anything but live otherwise.

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Hay doesn't have much nutrition, but cows eat a lot of it.
Lettuce doesn't have much nutrition but a lot of folks like salad.
Frozen foods have the nutritional equivalent of their live counterparts. Again, it call comes back to a well balanced diet. Feeding should comprise many different foods to provide the most balanced varied diet.
(Just like the best water is fresh water).
Oh and freeze dried foods are very nutritious and I do not believe they swell when reconstituted so as to cause harm, although I suppose reconstitution before feeding doesn't hurt either - just as thawing frozen foods is better than just tossing the little ice cube in the tank.

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Originally Posted by AbbeysDad View Post
Frozen foods have the nutritional equivalent of their live counterparts.
Actually they don't. When ever you take a raw product and freeze, dry, or cook it there is nutritional loss. With frozen it would be more correct to say nutrient escape. Most vitamins are not damaged by freezing, but freezing causes cells to burst. Upon thawing there is a loss of nutrients. With bloodworms for example the water is often red do to escaped fluids from the bloodworms. They are only nutritionally equivalent if everything is consumed and I doubt the fish will be able to consume the fluids.

A good quality prepared food IS a well balanced diet in itself.....

.... I'm probably drunk.

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My fish love freeze dried foods when I give them. I usually feed them FD food about twice a week, more or less. I do this because when fed properly, the colors of the fish become more brilliant. I feel that FD food has approximately the same nutritional value as the live stuff. It is just easier to store.

If you have a basic fish food (Tetra, Marineland, and not a premium food like Omega One or NLS)- FD food will really make a difference in your fish! Feed them the FD food twice a week and after that your fish colors will pop, like they have not before! Make sure you do not over feed your fish on FD, or they can get bloat-- I do caution about that. Sparingly, and mixed with flake is heathier and will yield better results and very healthy fish. FD food is great for conditioning fish too!
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