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Found a 220g for sale. Good deal or no?

I've been looking at getting a huge tank ever since I bought my own house. I had a 180g all lined up but backed out because the price was a little to high ($475 tank ONLY). I recently found a 220 gallon on craigslist. It was a running saltwater setup about a year ago. The tank itself is about 8 years old and in good shape overall. It was drilled right from the manufacturer to acept an overflow setup which is included. It also comes with 2 lighting fixtures, custom built stand and hood, and he said he'd throw in a couple power heads. He wants $550 for everything I listed. I'd probably be on my way to get it right now if it wasn't drilled. He said I could possibly use the overflow setup for freshwater with slight modifications to the media. I don't know the first thing about saltwater so I honestly don't know if thats true or not. He also said that if I didn't want to use the overflow theres a kit to just cap the holes. Is this true or is this a sales pitch? I'll post up a few pics when I get home. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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If it's in good shape, tank, lights and stand - it sounds light a decent deal.
Sure, anything can be plugged, but you might also go with a sump instead of canisters. I think if I had a 220, I'd seriously consider a sump...oh, not the jazzed up ones you see on some SW tanks, but something more like this one: DIY Sump - Maintenance
Then again, maybe I'd go with an FX5. Now, where would I put a 220g...hmmm
Btw, you know this is gonna weigh a ton so put it where the floor will take the load (concrete or across joists over the center beam).

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Yeah, you could certainly modify the sump for freshwater use. All you would probably need to do is replace the biomedia with floss and scrubbies and use gravel instead of crushed coral if you even wanted to go that far. You could also probably use the overflow for canisters without too much issue. You should be able to cap them off easily or even silicon them shut with squares of glass. Can't say if it's a good deal or not...I have never really looked at a tank that large before.There is a 180 near me for $250 with a stand which seems like a decent deal. Too bad I'm broke and don'e have the space.
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