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Flourish Line - Bad for fish?

Flourish Line - Bad for fish?

I am starting a planted tank and and will be using the whole line of seachem flourish. I will be following This dosing schedule.

Is there any way any of these chemicals will harm fish when I get ready to add a few?

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I doubt that the ferts would. I use flourish excel as a carbon source for my tank and everyone is happy and healthy. I have used flourish too, with no ill effects to the fish, but a huge algae bloom which is the reason I no longer use it.

The only thing that I see is that I wouldn't use all those chemicals that they suggest for a water change. Messing with the pH and GH of your water will likely cause more problems than it is worth. It is best just to use the water you have (assuming it doesn't have a pH below 6 or above 8 ) and just use a dechlorinator during changes. And, choose fish that are compatable with your water. Heck, if you have a high pH those products are unlikely to work anyway...trust me I know.....

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the flourish line is fine for fish and shrimp. I used it for about a year before switching to EI ferts. I never had a problem with it.
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I use Flourish and Excel so I don't know what the others would do. But my guess is as long as the plants are using all that you add you should be fine. But if the chemicals start to build up because there'e too few plants, my guess is that the algae will take over. In extreme cases, I could see the fish being affected. I guess if you can test for high levels of the chems you'll be adding, you'll be able to reduce the dosages to avoid fish loss.
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I would watch the nitrogen dosing by doing nitrate testing. Your fish may already be providing the nitrogen that you need. I try to keep my nitrates at last at 10 ppm for the plants but you really don't need more than that.
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