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A question

I think it's great to rescue. I encourage it, and support local efforts. If you're the type of family/person that can take in a rescue. Not everyone can, or feels they are able to cope. I would not encourage a first time pet owner, or someone unable or willing to put the work in to recuse. They can be a lot of work, although very rewarding.

I don't think it's wrong to purchase a well bred dog (normally a pup) from a responsible breeder. They do tend to cost more, but it's worth it. For my current breed, the Shih Tzu, you can by a pup from a byb or a puppy mill for $400 and a responisble breeder will probly run around $1000. I would definately spend the extra. The responsible breeder charging $1000 has health tested the parents, run genetiv tests, has shown the parents, taken all possible steps to ensure the health of their pups. So I'd rather spend the extra, because I'm sure to save it in vet bills later. Not all of them do it (there are byb's and mills that charge that much to make them look reputable), but if you look and ask the right questions, it's worth it.

Anyway back to the fish. Molly and Berry seem to be doing well. They swim around, very energetically, and play with one another. They are a pleasure to watch. The only thing is I never see Berry (the Tetra) eat. Molly is in to a routine and circles the area of the tank where I deposit the food when it's time for feeding, as it's typically at the same time every day. but I Berry doesn't. Not that it's terrbile disturbing. But I don't see her come up to eat at all. How long can they go without eating? Should I be worried? Am I just missing her eat?
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Tetras can be iffy about accepting food off the top of the water. My serpae tetras for the longest time wouldn't dare take food off the surface of the water. And now they do, but only sometimes and they go really fast up and shoot back down, half the time they miss what they were going for. But they go nuts for the sinking pellets I feed my cory cats, so you should try some sinking pellets, because she just might be to afraid to take it off the top. Glad to hear your fish are doing well! :) Do you have any news on the bigger tank?

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Thanks :D I'l have to look into the pellets.

As for a tank, I'm working on it. My cousin had just a 5 gallon and while that's better than what I have, Its not ideal. So I found a couple ads on Kijiji. One is a tall 15 gallon, but I"m not really thrilled about the tall bit. The other is a 10 gallon with all the bits and bobs. So I'm looking into getting that one at the end of the week when I get paid
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Awesome sounds great! That will be perfect for Berry, Molly will eventually need a bigger tank. But once Molly has a new home you can add more friends for Berry to play with. I'm sure you could add a few even with Molly in the tank but I wouldn't over do it. Don't forget to cycle your new tank Good luck!

And just before you laid dead weight upon its shores, I stung you in the face for that's the nature of my core.
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