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Fishless Cycling & Ammonia problem...

Hi There,

I have been fishlessly cycling a 90L tropical tank. I started on 24th September using Waterlife BioMature and by 16th October I had >4ppm Ammonia, 3ppm Nitrite. Shortly after this I noticed the Ammonia was off the scale (>10ppm) and the Nitrite was zero.

I stopped adding biomature and ever since the ammonia has stayed where it is, nitrite has been zero.

A week ago I did two big water changes and got the ammonia down to 4ppm, but it still seems to be stuck?

It's almost as if all the bacteria were suddenly sterilised out of existance, but I can't think of anything that might have caused this.

Does anyone have any thoughts / suggestions?

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Well I can't say that it doesn't make some sense but it doesn't sound like the typical cycle. The nitrites could be changed to nitrates faster than the bacteria is turning ammonia to nitrites.

My guess to the cause would be too large a source of ammonia in whatever it is that you are using to cycle the tank with be it fish food, prawn or whatever, BTW, what are you using? It could also be a lack of circulation and/or oxygen in the tank. What type of filter are you using? Do you have any airation in the tank?

Thew only other thought would be that the biomature had more denitrifying bacteria in it than ammonia converting bacteria and tyhis threw the whole cycle out of whack a little.

Keep track of things for another couple weeks, 8-10 weeks is not unheard of for a full cycle so nothing to worry about too much yet.
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I have been using Waterlife BioMature to help mature the tank, it worked fine on a smaller 37L tank. I think it's basically a source of ammonia.

The tank is 90L and I have a Fluval 105 external filter. Recently I added a large airstone to give a curtain of bubbles. Temperature is around 27-28C.
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what filter is on the other tank ?
could you not swap over a sponge to help your
cycle along some. :)

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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